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JLangW has a broad range of interests and experience that she brings to her writing. She has published short stories, essays and travel articles for a number of publications and web sites. She has worked as a hospital pharmacy technician, bringing a knowledge of medical terminology and pharmaceutical subjects. Her volunteer work with the humane society and lifelong love of pets gives her writing on pets authenticity and serious handling of issues. She has also helped manage a family business, giving her a broad range of knowledge on small business issues.

For the past three years, JLangW has been writing for a number of article sites. She enjoys researching new subjects and providing excellent citations for her data.


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Industry Projects

  • Pets100+
  • Garden100+
  • Medical50+
  • Travel20+
  • Politics10+

Summary of Industry Experience


JLangW's own experience as a lifelong pet owner inform her subject matter, as well as her work with humane organizations. She maintains an interest in current veterinary subjects as well as new pet products.


With years of experience gardening in a northern state as well as a in the southern section of the United States, JLangW brings a wealth of knowledge about the particular problems gardening in different areas entail. She brings an understanding of both the science and the fun of gardening to her articles.


With her background in hospital pharmacy, JLangW uses her knowledge of medical terminology and pharmaceutical subjects to inform her audience while maintaining a conversational tone.


JLangW brings her own love of travel to every article, with special emphasis on the history and culture of every destination. She is deeply aware of the changing conditions and tries to bring the most current information to each article.


Interested in politics for many years, JLangW stays informed on current issues, personalities and campaigns. She tries to bring new insight to the treatment of a variety of political subjects.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


JLangW has demonstrated her proficiency in tackling difficult subjects, with focused research and an accessible style. She enjoys making complex concepts understandable for the general audience.

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