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Kelsey D is a writer and enthusiast on many topics, especially those relating to science and animals. She earned a Bachelor's degree in biology from the University of California in 2009, and has worked as a professional writer since 2010. As well as all things pets, she has researched and written extensively on medical, environmental and health related topics, employing basic SEO methods to increase the visibility of her work. As part of her Master's program in biology, she has written on a variety of topics utilizing scientific literature for reference. She has a knack for internet research and can professionally put together articles on topics she is unfamiliar with initially. She hopes to continually polish and improve her skills in the field of professional writing.


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Health and the human body have always been a person interest of Kelsey D. Her writing in this area reflects her knowledge of the subject, and her education has prepared her to understand the technical jargon used in the field. She has written extensively in the field of health topics, ranging from weight loss to acne treatments.


Kelsey D has always had pets. In fact, at one point she lived with a dog, a cat, a rabbit, two guinea pigs, a finch and six aquariums, all at the same time! She has volunteered at the animal shelter with rabbits, dogs, cats, and in the clinic, and has been employed as a dog walker, pet sitter, and dog daycare provider. She has completed coursework in dog behavior and volunteered as a dog training assistant at a shelter. She is currently the proud owner of one spoiled dog.


Kelsey D has written on topics ranging from increasing muscle mass to choosing the best strength training exercises. She is familiar with the basic concepts of fitness training and has completed coursework in physiology, which helps her to understand the processes involved.

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