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Marta's literary and cultural roots trace back to a remote fishing village in Alaska's Tongass National Forest, where she began writing for regional publications to pass the time during the long winters. She wrote about everything from how to season smoked salmon caviar to survival strategies in the event of an unexpected black bear attack. Her work has appeared in the Anchorage Daily News, the Ketchikan Daily News, and the Juneau Empire.


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As both a chef and a culinary journalist, Marta knows how to prepare food as well as write about it. Her family has been in the seafood business in Alaska for over 25 years. During the last several years, she has ghostwritten two cookbooks and has written numerous articles for culinary publications. Marta specializes in Northwest and Pacific Rim cuisine with an emphasis on seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Marta has written extensively about travel and is particularly knowledgeable about the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.


Marta's love for anything that grows shows through in her writing. From seed catalog descriptions to basic how-to lists for fledgling gardeners, Marta's clear writing style makes horticultural endeavors fun, easy, and inspiring.


Marta has been writing agriculture-related articles for years, specializing in farming operations in Oregon's Willamette Valley and Pacific Northwest pinot noir cultivation.

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Blog Post

Marta currently specializes in blog posts about every aspect of life in the great state of Alaska. She also has significant experience writing about gardening in the Pacific Northwest and outdoor sports such as skiing, horseback riding, boating, hiking, and mountain biking. Marta has written too many culinary articles to count on everything from crafting the perfect canna cocktail to how to step out to the beach in Southeast Alaska and gather everything necessary for a delicious meal. She also writes about normal food-and-beverage topics.


Marta writes articles about optimal preparation techniques for wild Alaskan salmon, which pinot noir goes best on the porch will chilled summer fruit, and what to wear when visiting small foggy towns on California's Lost Coast. She writes articles on protecting a Pomeranian's feet when winter makes sidewalks and other surfaces danger zones due to ice shards and roadway runoff and how to go ice fishing when outdoor temperatures dip below -50.

Product Description

Marta currently writes product descriptions for an equestrian clothing company, several shoe retailers, numerous food and beverage companies, and at least seven boutique retailers that specialize in personal grooming products made from botanical plant oils. Marta also writes catalog copy for several Pacific Northwest plant nurseries and for a gallery that specialized in aboriginal art.

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