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Vonda J. S earned a bachelor's degree in journalism with a specialization in medical writing and editing from Northwestern University. She also received a master's degree in writing from Seton Hill University. This SEO-savvy writer has published thousands of print and online articles on health and medical issues, pets, and other topics.

She has worked as a paralegal and as a Federal contracting officer with an unlimited purchasing warrant and has sold hundreds of articles on legal topics. During her career at the Pentagon, she served as the senior member of the team that wrote contracts for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Early in her career, Vonda J. S also enjoyed working as a senior advertising copywriter and sales promotion specialist for one of the largest U.S. retailers. Her accounts included lawn and garden, sporting goods, automotive, and home furnishings. She headed the company's largest sales promotion group, where she led a team of six copywriters plus 10 art buyers and production specialists. This writer has also taught college-level journalism and business communications as well as English as a second language (ESL).

Two of her most satisfying accomplishments are serving as a founding member and vice president of the board of directors of a federal credit union and launching and promoting what is now one of the largest local chapters of a national health organization.

In addition to exercising her passion of writing from dawn to dusk and beyond, Vonda J. S founded and operates an animal rescue and was once an obedience trainer. She served as the state chair for Campaigning for Barbaro, an initiative to raise funds to make thoroughbred racing safer for both jockeys and competing horses and to rescue horses from slaughter.

Vonda J. S has an extensive background in marketing real estate. She was both a writer and an editor for more than 1,000 articles in a project to promote neighborhoods throughout the United States. As a member of an HOA board for more than 10 years, she is also familiar with property management.

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This engaging writer is skilled at optimizing SEO while bringing readers the most current human and animal medical news and developments. She specializes in creating blogs and Web pages on health-related topics, including healthcare career profiles. As an animal rescuer, she lends an authoritative voice to pet health and social issues for horses, dogs, cats, and pocket pets. She also enjoys the variety of writing on a wide range of lifestyle and real estate topics. Vonda J. S has years of experience as a sales promotion manager for one of the largest U.S. retailers. She has an expert grasp of grammar and syntax and worked for many years as both a print and an online editor.


Vonda J. S founded and operates an animal rescue. You will never find her far from a furry or feathered friend. She is also an Oblate of a Benedictine monastery and has been a volunteer patient advocate for many years. She has served for more than a decade as a member of the board of directors of her community's HOA.


Northwestern University

Vonda S. earned a bachelor's degree in editorial operations from the Medill School of Journalism. As part of her work, she completed a medical journalism specialization.

Seton Hill University

Vonda S. completed a two-year program leading to a master's degree in writing.


2,003 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S wrote contracts, white papers, formal procurement decisions, and negotiation positions for 20 years for the federal government. She served as a contracting officer with an unlimited dollar warrant at the Pentagon and at civilian agencies. As a senior procurement analyst, she wrote and revised draft regulations for review by Congress. She also drafted Federal agreements with state and municipal governments.


1,752 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S has been a writer and an editor her entire adult life and has completed specialized training in medical journalism. She writes for several online sites and produces articles on issues that affect humans and their animal friends. She is a certified patient support group leader and a founding member of a large non-profit health organization.

Real Estate

1,368 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S worked on a two-year real estate project to describe the attractive features of neighborhoods across the United States to prospective home buyers and renters. This project involved following very specific style guidelines adhering to a template for each neighborhood.


559 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S founded and operates an animal rescue. She also served as the state chair for Campaigning for Barbaro, an initiative to raise funds to help injured jockeys, to make horse racing safer, and to honor the late 2006 Kentucky Derby winner. She has published articles on a variety of pet topics on several online sites. She's a hands-own animal advocate with a flair for just the right words.


309 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S was employed as a retail automotive copywriter for a major national retailer for two years. Due to the quality and timeliness of her work, the company promoted her to a supervisory position in automotive advertising.

The retail advertising produced appeared in newspapers throughout the United States as black and white ads and as color inserts. It included promoting automotive services, as well as parts and accessories. Examples included batteries, tires and products to detail cars and trucks.


281 Projects Completed

As a paralegal, Vonda J. S drafted legal pleadings and other documents in a general practice law firm for three years. During this period, she completed six legal assistant courses.

In order to gain the highest level of certification as a contracting officer while employed by the federal government, she completed 15 post-baccalaureate courses in business and law. She held a contracting officer's unlimited warrant, with no monetary ceiling on the products and services she purchased for federal agencies.

This career position required drafting complex contractual documents within the parameters of federal and agency procurement regulations. Prior to retirement, she served as a senior procurement analyst and drafted potential regulations and revisions for consideration by Congress.

As a freelance writer, Vonda S. has published articles on dozens of topics of interest to consumers and the general public.


121 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S has completed graduate courses in adult education. For several years, she taught courses in journalism and business communications in a community college. She also designed the curriculum for educational meetings of a large non-profit health organization for four years. She earned a master's degree in part by distance education and has written extensively on distance learning and other topics in education.


107 Projects Completed

Vonda S. has written weekly newsletters, monthly bulletins, non-fiction articles, and op-ed pieces for large parishes, an order of nuns, online sites, and popular print publications such as Catholic Digest. As a Benedictine Oblate, she is a lay member of a monastery, an affiliate who lives outside the walls of the monastery. She has also completed graduate-level courses in religion and spirituality at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary.


44 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S was a founding member and the first vice president of a federal credit union. In this capacity, she played a crucial role in setting dividend and interest rates and institutional policies. For two years, she was employed as a senior business analyst. Duties included managing the financial aspects of a $2.5 billion federal contract. During her writing career, Vonda J. S has specialized in personal finance and sold articles in areas such as saving money and retirement planning. She has sold work to print publications and online sites such as womansday.com and Yahoo! Finance.


2,256 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S has published thousands of articles during her career. Her articles have appeared in national women's magazines and on dozens of online sites. This versatile writer specializes in health and pet issues but has also sold many articles on popular topics like adoption, alternative careers, tightwad families, wedding planning, and sports. She has a definite way with words that will draw readers to any topic she tackles.

Product Description

1,155 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S has written product descriptions for several online publishers over a three-year period. The descriptions included text for pet products, health and beauty items, electronics, financial products, rental housing units, neighborhoods, office supplies, online courses, and jewelry, as well as medical provider reviews.

Blog Post

954 Projects Completed

Vonda J. S has posted blogs for customers marketing both products and services. She particularly excels at writing blogs for medical professionals, such as dentists and plastic surgeons. This versatile writer also publishes a weekly blog on a medical condition as a health expert.

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