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Melanie F
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For decades, Melanie F. earned her living as a telecommuting ghost writer on international affairs. She has churned out thousands of well researched pages under tight deadline pressure -- in all sorts of formats, for all sorts of clients. The diversity of topics addressed in that occupation trained her to become a quick study -- to absorb the crucial details and authoritatively relay the essential points, with the appropriate angle. Since the late 1990s, she has segued into an additional subject area, near and dear to her heart. She has written scores of features on country life, animal training, gardening, herbal medicine and fiber crafts for newspapers and print magazines -- and more recently for online magazines. The latter experience has been a crash course in search engine optimization techniques. Not only a veteran writer, Melanie has chalked up hard-won experiences as an urban transplant to a deeply rural area. That unique perspective makes her an ideal candidate to write engagingly about the natural world around us, to trigger readers' curiosity and infuse them with enthusiasm for the written word. More recently, she has launched a career as a novelist, with four literary novels issued by a small publisher and two more under development. That experience has not only fired up her creativity, but enhanced her eye for detail in the editing phase, while giving her close-up and personal exposure to marketing strategies.
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