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Seth M. earned his Bachelor's degrees from Utah Valley University in both Business Management and English. The English degree he completed was writing intensive and he graduated with a 3.7 GPA.

Seth has been writing web content for over 4 years and previously worked for an Internet marketing company called Mediabright as a content writer. His main job at this company was SEO content writing. He wrote several 300-600 word articles on a variety of topics including sports, movies, music, health, business, and technology. He also managed SEO (including social media) for two of Mediabright's web sites.

Currently, Seth works at an Internet marketing company as an editor and writer in addition to writing for Writer Access. He has written everything from product descriptions and reviews to landing page content and blog posts. Topics he writes on frequently include health, technology, automobiles, RVs, and entertainment.

Seth has always had a passion for writing and the research that goes into every writing project. He enjoys the challenge of researching and gaining knowledge about a given topic and then sharing his research and insights with the audience in an interesting and compelling way.


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Industry Projects

  • Auto500+
  • Entertainment100+
  • Health100+
  • Sports50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Seth has extensive experience writing for the automobile industry, with several published pieces in a variety of areas. He has written car, SUV, and truck reviews as well as trailer, fifth wheel and motor home reviews. He has also written new vehicle landing pages for car dealerships and Web pages for auto insurance companies. Additionally, he has written many blog posts about car, truck, and heavy machinery viral videos. Other topics he's written blog posts on include auto insurance, industry news, classic cars, and car buying.


Seth wrote a number of movie reviews while working for MediaBright and continues to write them on occasion. He is very passionate about movies and they are one of his favorite things to write about. He brings his own unique perspective and opinion on the films he feels are worth discussing. Seth has also written biographies and lists about actors and directors as well as biographies on various musical artists.


Seth is very health conscious and is knowledgeable about a variety of health topics. He is especially knowledgeable about supplements and holistic health. Topics he has written on include pH balance, nutrition, supplements, dealing with depression, effective exercise, and weight lifting. More recently, he has written articles on topics such as green living and natural cures for ailments.


Sports are another one of Seth's favorite things to write about. He has had articles published about football (including fantasy football), baseball, golf, basketball, horse racing, and the Olympics, as well as outdoor sports like fishing and hiking. Sports are a hobby for Seth and he also brings a unique perspective to what he writes about based on the time he's spent playing, watching, and reading about sports.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Web Page100+
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Seth has written a wide variety of blog posts in his 4-plus years as a Web content writer. The topics he has written blog posts for include automotive, health, movies, music, sports, recreation, home improvement, business, religion, politics, and more. What he enjoys most about blogging is learning about new things and sharing interesting insights and information with readers.

Web Page

Seth has written Web pages for a variety of clients and has the ability to share informative and relevant details about products and services while effectively highlighting what separates the business from the competition. By combining these elements along with placing Calls to Action in the right places, his writing is able help clients increase conversion rates.

Product Description

Seth has written product descriptions for various websites including k-log.com and prolighting.com. His descriptions are informative and are able to catch the attention of readers and motivate them to purchase.

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