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Lisa J attended Columbia University, majoring in journalism and writing. She writes for a variety of publications, both online and in print, including daily newspapers and popular travel and informational websites. She has vast experience with interviewing, writing and editing, and can easily cover a wide variety of topics. As an avid researcher, she enjoys digging into any subject matter to uncover interesting tidbits of information. Her natural curiosity contributes to her writing talents, while her experience and education provide the skills necessary to produce high quality content. Years of writing for the Web provided her with the SEO training needed to write articles for the Internet. As an intelligent, organized and professional writer, she creates clear, informative content that is easy to understand and interesting to read. As a trained journalist, she can research and write about any topic, but some of her specialties include travel, home and garden, education, health, nutrition, spirituality, fitness and news.


Lisa J is a trained journalist with top-notch research skills. She can dig into any topic and pluck out valuable details and solid information. She specializes is writing for the Web, is well versed in SEO and thinks the AP and Chicago Stylebooks should be mandatory reading for every writer.


Lisa J is an avid reader, which she feels is necessary to be a successful writer. Her hunger for learning urges her to continuously seek improvement and regularly update her skills and knowledge in the field of writing and journalism. She is especially interested in online media and the constant changes that occur when writing for the Web.


Columbia University

Studied journalism and writing at Columbia University, via their program for non-traditional college students who do not attend college directly after high school.

Valencia Community College

Worked for the Valencia Source college newspaper as a writer and editor for four semesters.


2,500 Projects Completed

Lisa J writes for a number of travel websites and publications, and regularly contributes to travel blogs. Over the past several years, she has written thousands of travel articles relating to both domestic and international travel.


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