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Kimberly S attended Bridgman High School in Bridgman. After she graduated she moved on to Lake College for two years before having children. She has been writing on the Internet for four years now as a ghost writer and for her own writings. In her writing experience she has covered topics from Internet marketing with proper search engine optimized articles to the recent global warming. She currently writes actively on a variety of topics, in her research to expand her garden, and plenty of other topics. She has worked in the past as a firefighter and police officer trainee. Currently she is a member of the Mastiff Club of America. She also shares a passion of working at home and selling her baked goods at local farmers markets. Kimberly is also a mother of two beautiful children and is happily married. Her husband had to retire because of a line of duty injury to his back and this is what sparker her interest in writing to help supplement the disability pension. Since he has been disabled she has also learned how to live carefully on a budget and how to find the best savings around. With all of this experience she has managed to round out her job skill set to be a more accomplished writer for her own works as well as those of her clients. As a writer she tends to create compelling articles making it easy for the reader to follow and come back to learn even more from.
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Kimberly has worked on the Internet for several years. In this capacity she has owned several blog websites. She has also written for Ezinearticles, Squidoo, and Hubpages. She is familiar with the Wordpress layout and style. Kimberly is also familiar with search engine optimization and how to rank websites as many of her personal websites are ranking on 1st page Google.


She has an interest in cooking and has sold successfully at farmers markets. She also shares a passion with her family for animals of all kinds.


Bridgman High School

This was the location where she attended high school.

Lake College

This is the location where she attended some of her college courses.

Web Development

5,000 Projects Completed

She has this listed as web development, but she has worked in development for her own websites and client sites. At the same time she has done SEO work from the ground up from finding the places to link from and building the links.


148 Projects Completed

Raising two children can be hard and for Kim it is even harder. She not only has two younger children to raise, but a disabled husband to care for. With all of this stress she has learned how to deal with family issues and knows how to manage them all properly to guarantee everyone gets equal amounts of attention.


48 Projects Completed

She has traveled quite a bit as a child and an adult. As with anyone while traveling she has learned quite a few tips on what to look for. With the tips she has finally figured out how to travel smartly and for a low cost. Without these tips she never would have been able to travel and see the areas she enjoys going to on a yearly basis.


39 Projects Completed

While she has owned many pets over her life, she has evolved to care for a greater variety of pets. Currently she has dogs, cats, birds, fish, and even chickens. With all of this variety she is constantly on the lookout for how to care for them properly and what can be changed to guarantee the pets remain healthy.


29 Projects Completed

She has her own farm and her own farm website. She also completely built a website for a deer feed company.


25 Projects Completed

She has been gardening her entire life. Since she has been gardening so much she has learned how to grow most any plant. She also knows what works well together and how she can combat the pests which are common to many of the gardens she has worked with in the past.


11 Projects Completed

While many people have looked at the crafts as a way to make money, some have looked at them to educate. This is what she does and manages to do quite well. In fact her daughter has already learned how to paint and is in the process of learning to crochet.

Twitter Post

50,010 Projects Completed

I have worked on multiple Twitter posts for my own sites which vary from farming, travel, camping, and a basic review site. This does not include other Tweets that I have completed for clients.


12,221 Projects Completed

She has been a content writer online since fall of 2007. In that time she has completed thousands of articles and have even completed several eBooks. as a ghost writer.

In the time she has worked in multiple industries to keep my mind fresh. The article length has varied from simple 100 word personal experience post to 10000 word articles with very detail oriented sections.

Blog Post

10,415 Projects Completed

I have my own website which has several hundred blog posts included. I have worked on other blogs as well and even in micro blogging platforms, including Squidoo, Hubpages, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress to name a few for myself and clients.

Facebook Post

10,002 Projects Completed

I have roughly 20 Facebook pages that I run for my own websites, but I also have several posts that I operate on a regular basis for several clients.


461 Projects Completed

I have done multiple local SEO projects for several clients, including my own farm website.


300 Projects Completed

I have several YouTube accounts with well ranking videos of my own that I have for my own businesses that rank really well for specific search engine terms and for general travel type of terms like best hotels in CiTY. I have done all the script for these videos and have them ranking typically in one of the first 5 slots in YouTube search results and in some cases Google itself.


50 Projects Completed

I have completed several eBook projects. Including a 50,000 word eBook covering pig breeds, with in depth information on each breed.

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