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Kimberly S attended Bridgman High School in Bridgman. After she graduated she moved on to Lake College for two years before having children. She has been writing on the Internet for four years now as a ghost writer and for her own writings. In her writing experience she has covered topics from Internet marketing with proper search engine optimized articles to the recent global warming. She currently writes actively on a variety of topics, in her research to expand her garden, and plenty of other topics. She has worked in the past as a firefighter and police officer trainee. Currently she is a member of the Mastiff Club of America. She also shares a passion of working at home and selling her baked goods at local farmers markets. Kimberly is also a mother of two beautiful children and is happily married. Her husband had to retire because of a line of duty injury to his back and this is what sparker her interest in writing to help supplement the disability pension. Since he has been disabled she has also learned how to live carefully on a budget and how to find the best savings around. With all of this experience she has managed to round out her job skill set to be a more accomplished writer for her own works as well as those of her clients. As a writer she tends to create compelling articles making it easy for the reader to follow and come back to learn even more from.
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