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Melissa is an educator and writer from South Africa.

She holds a Master's degree in contemporary culture and film studies, both from Nelson Mandela University, where she is currently also completing her Doctoral degree. Her topic of research is focused specifically on how grief is represented in film.

Previously, Melissa worked as a writer and producer for the Eastern Cape’s community television station Bay TV, creating and overseeing a daily children’s program. From there, she undertook the role of Social Media Marketing Manager for a chain of high-fashion boutiques. In 2015, Melissa started working at a private tertiary university, AFDA Port Elizabeth, heading up the film department and teaching undergraduate and postgraduate Writing modules.

As of 2021, Melissa has decided to pursue writing full-time while she completes her Ph.D.
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Melissa’s strengths and experience lie in corporate communication, screenwriting, and social media management - although she has a soft spot for fiction and writes short stories to escape the daily grind.

Of late, she has developed a wild love for writing response posts about plants, animals, food, and music.

Melissa is also learning more about SEO every day.


Melissa is happiest when writing and reading but also enjoys socializing, tennis and hiking, traveling, gardening, and hanging out with her cats.


Nelson Mandela University

Melissa is currently completing a doctoral degree in Media Studies. She has a masters degree in Applied Media, also from Nelson Mandela University.


66 Projects Completed

Writing about the many quirks and behaviors of animals (both wild and domesticated) makes Melissa exceptionally happy. Having been around animals her whole life, and as a pet parent herself, she enjoys nothing more than finding out why pets do the things they do.

Melissa has been writing about animals for years and loves constructing response posts and researching new knowledge in particular.


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Melissa has a passion for gardening, as is evidenced by her ever-growing indoor jungle. Her knowledge of plants is more than decent, and she spends plenty of time researching best practices for keeping her many green friends alive.

Melissa has written about her adventures in gardening for social media, and of late, for blogs and websites.


51 Projects Completed

Melissa has worked in education for the past seven years, both as faculty management and senior lecturer in screenwriting to undergraduate and postgraduate students. During this time, she has been actively involved in curriculum input and creation.


50 Projects Completed

Melissa worked as the Marketing Manager for a chain of fashion boutiques between 2012 and 2015. She was responsible for the creation of formal marketing content, social media marketing content, customer inquires, and more.


30 Projects Completed

Melissa has several years' experience in the fashion industry, and it has always been close to her heart.

She believes that fashion content creation requires a particular style and flair, as well as some solid research.


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Having been involved in both the media industry and academia for more than a decade, Melissa has become adept at making information available to the public.


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When she isn't writing or working, Melissa can be found misadventuring in the kitchen.


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Relationship experience? Enough to write about it passionately and accurately :)

Melissa loves this kind of writing because of it's honesty.


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Life goal: to write about music. What she doesn't know, she will definitely learn.


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Melissa has a great passion for, and interest in, topics to do with women. The focus of her Master's thesis was on the significance of feminism in film.

She is also a woman, which helps :)


2 Projects Completed

When Melissa isn't bashing away at her keyboard, she loves to explore crafting. She has more macrame plant hangers and half-crocheted projects than any person strictly should.

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Eager to write blog posts on any number of topics. Melissa is a quick study!

Product Description

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Melissa is experienced in writing product descriptions for a wide range of goods. She loves the challenge of doing a good product justice with an equally good description.

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50 Projects Completed

Melissa got Facebook before it was cool, and was genuinely excited when "Social Media Manager" became an official job title.

She would love to write your Facebook posts.


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Melissa has been active in the television and film industry for more than a decade and is passionate and knowledgeable about the craft of video content creation.


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Melissa has a wide range of interests and would be very keen to hone her writing skills by exploring various topics. She is an avid and proficient researcher as a result of her academic background.

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Nothing like the challenge of limited characters.. :)


20 Projects Completed

As an educator and, by default, a public speaker - Melissa is a confident speechwriter and takes particular pleasure in pulling at heartstrings.


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Melissa loves a good bio and is experienced in writing professional, eloquent profiles.


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Fiction is close to her heart, but Melissa is also interested in leadership and lifestyle content.

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