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Jack has been a freelancer writer since 2015. Over the past few years he has written works for several blogs, newspapers, and a variety of other businesses in differing industries. He first started writing professionally as a side gig for a photography position that he held. As Jack began to complete more articles, he realized that he not only enjoyed writing but was good at it.


Most of Jack's work has been for the automotive industry. He is very knowledgeable about cars, trucks, and motorcycles. As a photographer, he is also skilled in writing about photography and videography.


Jack is interested in creative projects. He enjoys working on cars during his free time and developing his photography portfolio.


University of Georgia

Jack studied Music at the University of Georgia as a viola player. During the duration of his studies, he learned and practiced a multitude of instruments. He currently understands music theory, music composition, and a variety of other skills as a result of his music studies.

University of Georgia

Since Jack was a child, he has always loved building things. Therefore, once his university began its Engineering program it seemed like a no-brainer for him to join the program. He decided to study Mechanical Engineering so that he could have a career building cars. He learned a variety of crucial skills in teamwork, communication, and critical thinking through his Engineering studies.


1,800 Projects Completed

Jack has always been active in the automotive community since he was a child. From playing with model cars to building motorcycles and photographing cars, he has always found a way to remain active in the community. He completed his Engineering degree to work in the field and wrote numerous pieces related to the industry over the course of his studies.


527 Projects Completed

Jack has been a musician for over 16 years. He is classically trained and has played in many orchestras as both a violinist and violist. He currently plays the piano, guitar, and produces music through different digital audio workstations (DAW's). He has completed several articles throughout his career as a writer about the field of music


150 Projects Completed

Jack is very physically active. He has played various sports, from basketball to rugby, since he was a child. He currently exercises daily and writes articles about different workouts and pieces of equipment from time to time.


1,699 Projects Completed

Jack mainly writes articles. Since 2015 he has been writing articles for automotive clients, business clients, photography clients, and a few clients in other industries. Most of the work that he has done has been written either under a pen name or as a ghostwriter.

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