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Kimberly B has experience writing articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and more on a variety of topics. With experience working in vet clinics and pet hotels, she considers herself an expert on holistic pet care. Topics related to pet healthcare and training tips are all areas of particular interest to her due to her professional work experience. As a ghost writer for several blogs, she has experience writing about topics ranging from printers to dirt bikes and homemade liqueur. Product descriptions on a large assortment of items are another area of focus that Kimberly has focused on over the course of her freelance writing career.

Kimberly is proficient in search engine optimization and utilizes this knowledge to help clients create websites with the highest-quality content possible. With the ability to work around any keyword requirements to create fantastic content, she is an excellent choice for clients with SEO oriented projects in mind. She has experience taking photographs to include with blog posts for several websites, along with creating unique descriptions for a pet supply retail website.

She pays close attention to detail and strives to comply with the clients demands to produce the best quality content. As a professional freelance writing working full-time, Kimberly has the dedication and knowledge to complete quality content for any project she is issued.
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Areas of expertise include home and garden related topics, childcare, pet care, topics relating to social media, SEO content, and travel service, among others. The wide variety of topics she is knowledgeable about, along with her strong research skills ensure that she will be able to provide the most informative content possible.


From enjoying a day at the beach to a weekend camping trip, Kimberly adores being outdoors. When indoors, she enjoys cooking new recipes, reading a good book, and relaxing with some computer games.


2,500 Projects Completed

Kimberly has professional experience volunteering at animal shelters and working in vet clinics and pet kennels. As an owner of several kinds of pets, she has plenty of hands-on experience working with a variety of animals. With knowledge ranging from holistic healthcare tips to training tips, she considers herself an expert on pets and topics relating to this subject.


500 Projects Completed

Kimberly has a deep knowledge of food stemming from her personal interest in cooking and visiting local restaurants. She is a strong advocate for organic and clean eating with a focus on cooking for beginners. Not only does she enjoy trying her own version of different recipes, she also loves trying unique ethnic food and writing restaurant reviews.

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100 Projects Completed

From colorful descriptions of antique furniture to detailed short pieces with topics ranging from inkjet printers to pet supplies, Kimberly B has extensive experience writing descriptions which are informative and paint a vivid picture in your mind. Including helpful information such as the size of a product, the appearance, use, and benefits, these descriptions can be a valuable tool for a number of reasons.

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