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Drew S. was born and raised in Wisconsin and has lived there for over 40 years. He grew up in a large family, the second of eight children, three of whom were adopted and have special needs. He attended high school in Racine, WI, graduating in 1989.
He is a skilled writer, having written numerous short stories and poems, but remains as yet unpublished.
Aside from his writing, Drew has worked many years in the health care field, primarily with individuals with disabilities and mental health issues.
He has a deep and solid knowledge base in a wide array of subjects and is always ready and eager to broaden that knowledge with continued reading and research. Particularly strong areas of knowledge for Drew include pop culture, movies, gaming, music, computers, and other consumer electronics. Living in Wisconsin, Drew also has a lifetime of experience and knowledge regarding outdoor recreation, especially camping, fishing, and hiking.
In his writing, Drew strives for accuracy, readability, and most importantly, meeting the needs of the customer.


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A longtime gamer who traces his roots back to the halcyon days of the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64, Drew S. continues to be an active and involved in the gaming culture. He has spent countless hours at the controls of one gaming platform or another, loving every minute of it and always looking for the next great game to come along.


Having grown up with three special needs brothers and being the father of a child with Autism, Drew S. has a great personal wealth of knowledge in the areas of disabilities and mental health. He has also worked extensively in the field, providing services to these individuals ranging from vocational training to in-home support.


A firm believer that an informed voter is a good voter, Drew S. follows regional and national politics closely, tracking candidates and officeholders, learning their views and policy plans, and reviewing both sides of a debate to learn as much as possible on the subject and the impact these decisions will have on the country. Decidedly non-partisan, he chooses to keep an open mind and to not identify with any national political party or organization.


Having grown up as the son of an outdoorsman in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Drew S. learned to hunt, fish, camp, and hike at a young age. To this day, he spends as much of his time pursuing these activities as he can and, with his own son growing up, he hopes to pass his knowledge on to another generation, just as it was passed to him.


Drew S. has had, since he was a teen, a fascination with electronics. Well versed in the electronics and computer industries, and with a high level of familiarity with past and current trends, he is always looking ahead to the next big thing, the next step forward in the ever evolving electronics industry.


As a fan of popular culture, Drew S. avidly follows the current events in the entertainment industry across a spectrum of media, including television, motion pictures, publishing, music, and even the latest celebrity gossip. While his own personal tastes lie in movies and books that fall into the broadly defined genres of science fiction and fantasy, by no means limits does he limit himself to these.

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Annual Report

While working for a non-profit agency providing vocational training to individuals with disabilities, Drew wrote and presented annual reports detailing the financial expenditures of the program he was responsible for, the number of clients being served, the success of the program as measured by the clients' improved vocational skills, and funding requests for the next fiscal year.

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