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Jessica E
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Jess is a passionate, dynamic, engaging writer who finds great fulfillment in generating crisp, impactful content for her clients and readers. She loves copywriting for the challenge it poses to the writer, to adapt their writing for particular markets, brand identities, and platforms.

Her years as Screenwriter and Video Editor for the online marketing agency, Oracle Media, instilled in her a love for the research that goes hand-in-hand with writing for different industries. There is something truly powerful about researching the nuances of fields outside of one’s own, and embodying those industry-specific norms to create engaging, pointed, inspiring content. With further background in fiction writing and narrative screenwriting, Jess understands and revels in the value of research in creating worlds and leaving lasting impressions.

Her passion for the written word is not limited to form, but can rather be found in the power of the craft to change its form and guide audience perception. That is to say, Jess brings the same vigor to her blog writing as she does to her fiction, and the same detail orientation to her press releases and social media blurbs as she does to her research articles. You can count on Jess to deliver quirky or technical blog posts, press releases, screenplays, marketing blurbs, product descriptions, e-Books, articles, newsletters, think pieces, or creative pieces.

Jess has an extensive academic background in media and communications, film studies and genre theory, and philosophy. This has led her to work in the marketing sectors as well as in education, as a Screenwriting and Editing Lecturer at top ranking film school, AFDA. Her career has required her not only to learn fast, but to think deeply, and express complex ideas clearly and concisely, and this is reflected in her written work.

A love of words has been present since day one; Jess grew up with her nose pressed to the pages of her favorite books, and her fingers glued to keyboards writing them. Since the beginning of her professional career, she has continually managed to make writing part of her professional duties, and she has won the favor of numerous employers and supervisors by doing so. Writing is a skill that demands to be exercised, and Jess has a long history of making that happen. Now, she wants to write for you. Add her to your love list, and enjoy the rare opportunity to work with someone who truly loves what they do.
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