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She graduated with an M.S. in psychology and a B.A. in philosophy, with a minor in anthropology, after being out of school for over 30 years. Passionate about writing, words and communicating ideas clearly, Kimberly has been writing short stories, essays and nonfiction for over 25 years but recently decided to try online freelance writing as a way to earn extra income. She was surprised at the feedback she received from clients who liked her writing and wanted her to continue writing content for their website.

Learning about SEO, search engine algorithms, keyword placement and other marketing techniques along the way, she now enjoys the flexibility of working as a successful freelance writer for WA.
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She also writes fiction, poetry and other creative writing.


Hobbies include reading, writing, human behavior, philosophy, neuroscience, anthropology, political science, animals, sociology, gardening, zoology and art.


Wright State University

Studied psychology with an emphasis on neuroscience
Studied anthropology with an emphasis on human evolution
Studied philosophy with an emphasis on continental philosophers


1,674 Projects Completed

Kim has extensive knowledge concerning neurological, immunological and genetic disorders as well as infectious diseases, endocrine/hormone disorders and psychological disorders. With a B.S. in psychology and experience counseling incarcerated addicts, working with emotionally challenged children and assisting in clinical research studies at Wright State University, Kim is well-qualified to write articles regarding many aspects of human physical and psychological health.


483 Projects Completed

She has written about many medical issues from psoriasis to gout to menopausal symptoms. Working at an internship in a nursing home while an undergraduate, she learned first-hand the debilitating affects of Alzheimer's and other cognitive disorders. Course work regarding geriatric diseases complemented this internship as well.


330 Projects Completed

Kim's legal experience stems from researching and writing blogs and articles for several high-profile law firms in Miami, FL, Minneapolis, MN and Phoenix, AZ. She also worked at her county's Health and Human Services Department where she provided administrative assistance to the child support and social security/disability offices.

Kim has written extensively about family, criminal and civil law and has a basic knowledge of European legal systems as well.


178 Projects Completed

With in-depth knowledge concerning the higher education process, Kim has written instructional blogs and articles about applying for financial aid, what to expect during the freshman year at college and how to write a "statement of purpose" to get accepted into a master's or PhD program. She also created all content for an online school website that discussed all aspects of the online school experience.

Kim has also worked as a daycare teacher and helped developmentally disabled children succeed in an academic setting. She also completed several educational psychology courses while at Wright State U.


106 Projects Completed

She has lived in a farming community all her life and has much experience working with all kinds of animals, from cows to cats to raccoons. Working at the local animal shelter taught her how to administer first aid to injured animals, how to recognize signs of certain diseases and what to expect from animals in regards to behavior.


104 Projects Completed

Kim has experience working as an assistant to the nutritional director of a daycare and senior care facility. She has also written over 100 blogs and articles about the benefits of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and dietary supplements such as krill oil, zinc, coenzyme Q10 and essential amino acids.

Real Estate

84 Projects Completed

Kim has written blogs for Orly Chen Real Estate in Bergen County, New Jersey, condominium brokers in south Florida and real estate agencies offering lease-to-own homes in West Virginia. She is well-informed concerning the legal and financial aspects of real estate transactions.


67 Projects Completed

Kim has traveled throughout the United States from Florida to Kansas to Nevada and has also visited Jamaica and Mexico. She has written content for companies offering African safari tours and Caribbean cruises.

High Tech

54 Projects Completed

Kim has written well-researched articles about basic computer programming (Java, javascript, CSS), cryptography (encryption and decryption) and computer security methods involving possible cyber attacks by terrorists.

In addition, she is also knowledgable in health informatics, biotechnology (stem cell research, genetic modification) and green biotechnology (micropropagation).


40 Projects Completed

Earning a bachelor of science in psychology gave Kim extensive experience using all standard qualitative and quantitative research methods. In addition, she specialized her degree by concentrating on neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and genetics.

Kim has also completed open courseware programs from MIT regarding human physiology, astrophysics and animal behavior. She has also written articles about plate tectonics, parasitic diseases, the physics of black holes and bioluminescent ocean life.


30 Projects Completed

Living in a rural area surrounded by farms and plenty of un-urbanized land, Kim plants flower and vegetable gardens every year and knows first-hand how to grow prize-sized pumpkins, plump strawberries and healthy tomatoes.


20 Projects Completed

She has written blogs, articles, and "how-to" guides about selling, buying, and transferring cryptocurrency. She has some first-hand experience with Bitcoin and understands how blockchain functions.


692 Projects Completed

Article writing expertise includes health, medical, psychology, animals, relationships, product descriptions and many other niches.

Press Release

128 Projects Completed

Kim has written press releases for many businesses requiring mass exposure through PRWeb.

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