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Megan is a freelance writer for local and national publications covering health/wellness, disability access, mental health and economic disparities. Her background in social work and clinical training informs her perspective and she strives to center marginalized voices in both her reporting and her creative writing.

She also has experience supporting entrepreneurs in overcoming writing trauma and owning/living into their own voices whether it's through sales copy, emails to subscribers or course content and curriculum creation. She's been honored to work with career and life coaches, accountants and legal professionals and is excited to expand into other industries.
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Copy editing, optimizing for SEO as well as authenticity of her clients' voice.

Health and wellness writing with a focus on medical content.

Reporting on mental health.

Legal content.

Finance, including crypto and the impact of Web3 and the Metaverse.

Disability, disability access.


Research-focused, data-driven content related to:

Health, wellness, fitness and medical


Finance with a focus on the impact of new technologies like crypto, Web3 and the Metaverse



20 Projects Completed

She regularly writes researched pieces on the latest health news, including alternative treatments that are much more effective and less invasive than conventional ones, as well as articles and in-depth blog posts about mental-health and challenging outdated and harmful models of treatment that are creating toxicity in our culture as well as what to do instead.

Self Help

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She supports coaches in a variety of spaces (life, career, financial, health) creating content that inspires and motivates both their clients and their readers to make choices that improve their lives. The best part is that she gets to support these coaches in owning and stepping fully into their own voices, which often involves a lot of healing of old wounds and blockages, freeing up energy and unleashing even more productivity and creativity.


5 Projects Completed

She is supporting an accountant entrepreneur in an audience pivot by helping her devise a social media strategy and create a book outline that will double as a proposal. She gets to use her experience as a writer to guide her through the requirements of the publishing world. It's exciting to be able to deploy the body of knowledge she's built up in the 8 years she's been publishing on behalf of a woman who is gearing up to change thousands of lady entrepreneurs' lives.

She also supported a career coach in creating a curriculum for her course, which is geared toward women, as well as create the sales page and email series for her two new group-couching offers, which she plans to use to create a safe community for women struggling with identifying meaningful work for them.

Email Copy

3 Projects Completed

Megan has written/edited two series of 10+ emails for a career coaches subscriber list.

Megan has also edited one-of emails containing sales copy for new offers from career coaches and accountants.

Blog Post

1 Projects Completed

Megan has reviewed the entire blog of a career coach for strongest blog posts and for material to "compost" into other uses.

She is in the process of revamping a blog for an accountant who is pivoting in terms of her target market (from law firms to women entrepreneurs).

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