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Beth is experienced writer and blogger with a demonstrated history working in the print/online industry. She enjoys proven success in outdoor resource interpretation and education, including writing, presenting, and educating others in outdoor enjoyment and protection, and has reached over 100,000 with these programs. Beth has also published over 250 blogs over 13 years on mental health. Beth's background includes working with nonprofit, government, and corporate organizations. Though her specialty is memoir writing, with a focus on outdoor topics, dogs, marriage, current events, and mental health, she is able to easily convert these topics into high-quality, marketable content for any need. Beth has unique skills in developing relationships across stakeholders. Her powerful communication skills also allow her to inspire others. Beth is a reliable and strong professional with broad and deep skills, including a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from University of Denver and BA from Colorado College.
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Beth has expertise in writing about:

- the outdoors, including cultural and natural resource interpretation; history; products; travel and tourism; hospitality; safety and wilderness backcountry concerns; food safety; trip planning, etc., etc.

-dogs, including raising puppies; positive reinforcement training; travel with dogs; owning a "pack"; nutrition; use of CBD and holistic methods; care for aging dogs; basic medical care; outdoor fun and adventure, etc., etc.

-mental health, including depression and anxiety; serious mental illnesses; treatment methods; coping skills and management, etc., etc.

-marriage, including communication; staying together; skills development; long-term marriage; goals

-current events, including how past events inform current perspectives

-memoir, including content surrounding the above, with facts woven into captivating story


Beth's interests are broad and deep, as a result of her liberal arts and fine arts education; extensive travel; multiple chosen careers; and an ability to see innumerable topics as interwoven. This gives her the opportunity to work with clients at a deeper level and to parse out their needs in ways perhaps they were unawares. This is a prime interest of Beth's beyond my other writing interests.

Beth's personal interests align with her writing: being outdoors; hanging out with her dog and husband,; finding meaning in the connection between current and past events; and ultimately writing about it all in memoir form.


Colorado College

Undergraduate program in fine art. Grade point average 3.67

University of Denver

Earned MFA in Printmaking/Drawing with emphasis in woodcut/relief printing. Grade point avg. 4.0


250 Projects Completed

Beth is a sought-after blogger on topics related to mental heath, now with an international following. She specializes in personal responsibility, memoir, hindsight, management of illness, and humility.


60 Projects Completed

Beth has written innumerable blogs on outdoors/recreation, an weaves outdoor themes through much of her work.


40 Projects Completed

As part of general blogging, especially as it relates to mental health, Beth has written numerous blogs on marriage and family, and how to navigate challenges for better communication and understanding.


8 Projects Completed

-wrote 5 blogs on CBD for dogs, for unnamed client while working as virtual assistant
-wrote 3 memoir blogs on personal blog re my own dogs (ongoing)


5 Projects Completed

Experience in writing about CBD use in Dogs. Interested in writing content re: CBD use in humans, other animals

CBD Products

5 Projects Completed

Background in writing about dogs and use of CBD. Interest in expanding topic to use of CBD in humans as well.


5 Projects Completed

-created 3 training programs for new guides/interpreters
-created 1 training program for experienced guides/interpreters
-created 1 training presentation for professional interpreters


4 Projects Completed

Beth trained seasonal staff for at least 4 seasons in hospitality best practices


3 Projects Completed

-wrote 3 articles for national park newspaper distributed to visitors highlighting park services and adventures

Blog Post

300 Projects Completed

-wrote 300+ blogs for one magazine
-wrote blog posts for unnamed clients as virtual assisant


50 Projects Completed

-created 50+ live interpretive presentations/lectures/hikes/tours
-created/wrote interpretive programs for delivery by others
-overall reach 100,00+

Web Page

2 Projects Completed

-created my own webpage/blog
-posting regularly
-created my own t-shirt business/content

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