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Tere S. is a freelance writer and author of e-books and two educational blogs. She specializes in writing articles and providing information on parenting, holidays, business analysts, Internet Technology, Jobs, Christian music, education, frugal living, faith, family and homeschooling, She loves to learn and research new topics to present interesting, well-written pieces from a factual perspective.


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Voted #1 in parenting and holidays on one site, Tere has written numerous articles on the topic of kids, family, homeschooling, educational tips and faith. She has also written e-books for teachers, parents and children and maintain 2 educational blogs (one from a Christian perspective) and writes for an online site about education and homeschooling.


Tere has written for a business analyst and an IT web site as well as writing on the topic of Job search. She has experience with a college degree in Human Resource Management and has worked at an IT help desk within a law firm. She understands many industries including business and IT.


Married to a musician, Tere personally maintains all of his media information. She also writes on the topic of Christian music for one site and explores guitar teaching, performing, saxophone and styles of music on a blog. While she enjoys great music, she always says that someone has to be in the audience as she prefers the behind-the-scenes support.


Tere has written numerous articles on healthy eating and the nutritious make-up of fruits. Living with a husband who required switching up his diet to include gluten-free to an extremely picky Asperger child, she has learned first hand more than she ever thought possible about nutrition. She prefer organic and even a vegetarian twist, but will write about anything related to food.

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Tere began her online writing career as an article writer with Examiner.com. Since then, she has branched out to include private clients for a variety of websites including IT coaching, Business Analyst, buying/selling car business, and a personal shopping site. Through this experience, she has learned and developed excellence in format and writing style.

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Tere has written and maintained three personal blogs for years. Her blog Teachabale Scotts Tots is listed among the Top 50 Homeschool Blogs on Circle of Moms. Her love for education in general has led her to also maintain a basic educational blog named Elephant Ears Educaation. Her husband's musical career called for another blog regarding music.

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