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Jamie M
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Jamie M. is an accomplished writer when it comes to content for the web, print collateral and press releases. She specializes in creating content that is not only effective and concise but that delivers the messaging of her clients on point and on brand. In addition, Jamie's career in advertising gives her an edge when creating ad copy, sales letters and content for email marketing campaigns and social media. She offers a quirky sense of humor when needed and a keen sense for business. Her tried and true strategy dictates when and where to use humor versus knowledge or combine the two to engage a reader. Her diverse and loyal client base continues to use her services time and again.
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From blogging to dynamic marketing copy and press releases, Jamie is focused on writing that empowers her clients to send their message in a variety of media and maintains the voice of their company and key staff.


Jamie spends a good portion of her time hiking and taking photos around Washington. The beauty of the landscape here never ceases to amaze and surprise her. She is always looking for inspiration in every day life. In the spring and summer months Jamie can be found camping or hanging around the local beaches reading and relaxing. Jamie truly enjoys writing poetry, working on her blog and practicing yoga when she is indoors.


Green River Community College

Jamie began her college career in the Broadcasting program at Green River Community College. Nationally recognized for their station, KGRG, Green River provided a phenomenal place for Jamie to add some education to her creativity. Within the broadcast program Jamie mastered the art of writing for radio in addition to her production and on-air assignments. She co-hosted a Saturday morning talk/music show until she discovered that writing was quickly becoming her strength. She then began to focus on journalism and the media in general. She was hired just after graduation by Robinson Newspaper Group where she started as an ad rep for the Ballard News-Tribune quickly working her way up to manage classified advertising for all six of the Robinson publications.


207 Projects Completed

Jamie's work in the marketing arena has spanned many industries. She has provided copy for both small and large businesses that promotes the values and message of her clients.

Consumer Goods

103 Projects Completed

Throughout her career in publishing, printing and advertising Jamie has worked with a wide range of companies providing goods to the retail public. She has developed brands for start ups such as Mount Rainier Coffee Company and provides engaging content for businesses on the move such as The Gift Basket Diva.

Non Profit

75 Projects Completed

Jamie regularly donates her time to area non-profit organizations, in doing so she also acquired work in the copy writing area as her ability to establish value in messaging is top notch.


75 Projects Completed

Jamie has worked for the Tacoma Stars professional men's indoor soccer team since 2009. Her love of the game, understanding of the audience and journalism skills have given her the upper hand to deliver press and information to the public.


40 Projects Completed

Jamie has been the contract writer for Felix LTD since 2010. She regularly prepares web content, staff bios, game descriptions (including rules), and press releases for the Say It! brand.


26 Projects Completed

Jamie has worked as a contractor for several food related businesses and has delivered copy for review, ad and print collateral. As a "foodie" she not only understands the industry but enjoys the work.


25 Projects Completed

Working with a nationally recognized physician who was only the second in the nation to be certified to perform a groundbreaking procedure for women has challenged Jamie to hone her ability to understand and communicate technical information.


25 Projects Completed

Jamie has worked with both retail and wholesale pet businesses to advertise, market, and publicize their businesses.


20 Projects Completed

Working with service, sub and general contractors Jamie has applied her working knowledge of the industry to deliver savvy content for construction and related businesses both online and in print.


13 Projects Completed

Jamie has worked with several different beauty related businesses to develop web, print and ad copy. Her clients have ranged from small and local salons to nationally recognized physician-run aesthetics clinics.


150 Projects Completed

Throughout her career Jamie has had her fair share of opportunities to write ad copy for both print and online campaigns. She truly enjoys putting the spotlight on her clients and their products and services. She is well-trained to deliver effective ad copy that inspires action.


125 Projects Completed

Jamie has spent a good portion of her career working directly with printers who often refer their clients to her for assistance writing copy for print collateral. Her writing skill combined with her ability to match copy to art to messaging is an asset to her clients.

Blog Post

102 Projects Completed

Jamie enjoys writing blogs both for her own business as well as for her clients. She specializes in creating blogs that are well written, engage the reader and consistently convey the voice of her clients. She has experience writing humorously entertaining blogs on anything from Facebook to collaborating with creative partners. For her clients she has highlighted moments of success in their businesses, written on topics relating to her clients' industries and rebuttals to changing trends in the market.

Press Release

100 Projects Completed

Clients often reach out to Jamie for assistance deciphering what is "newsworthy". Her keen instincts and background in journalism give her clients a valuable resource for press releases, news briefs and event announcements.

Banner Ad

50 Projects Completed

Jamie has worked with large and small companies to create engaging ad copy specifically meant for use online. Her goal is always to understand the product, service or promotion in conjunction with the core values and voice of her client. From that understanding she is then able to quickly examine the online audience and create copy that is both effective and engaging. Her copy is often constructed around product photography, graphic elements along with company slogans and catch phrases.

Direct Mail

30 Projects Completed

Jamie has spent a good portion of her career working directly with printers who often refer their clients to her for assistance writing copy for print collateral. Her writing skill combined with her ability to match copy to art to messaging is an asset to her clients. For direct mail pieces she focuses on copy that encourages the recipient to pick it up and take action.

Web Page

25 Projects Completed

Jamie's clients continue to invite her back to work on their websites to keep content fresh. She regularly creates content that give the audience a reason to make their hit a visit.


10 Projects Completed

In addition to creating content for a variety of marketing purposes, Jamie has had the opportunity to write scripts for radio and 30, 60 and 90 second videos for distribution online. Having studied broadcasting Jamie is not unfamiliar with the need for concise, easy to follow copy that gets the listener to take action.

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