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Dave C. has written thousands of articles on a variety of topics for websites and numerous print publications, including the Los Angeles Times, Popular Science, Wired, Wired Japan, OMNI, United Press International, Destination Discovery, California Lawyer, Final Frontier, Space News, Ad Astra, The Net, Mondo 2000, Mainstream, Stockton Record, Macalester Today, L.A. Parenting, Honolulu, Charleston, Blast, Ad Busters, Radiance, Diabetes Interview, Mobile Home Monthly, Video Guide, Food and Beverage Journal, S.F. Weekly, Aquarium Fish Magazine, Carnegie Mellon Magazine and The Optimist.

He is curious about everything, and enjoys writing on topics ranging from science, technology and the Internet to pop culture, movies, health, nutrition and disability issues.

Dave has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from San Francisco State University. He has been freelancing for more than 15 years, and was on staff as an editor at two magazines. He was also a founding editor for Harpoon, a local humor magazine based in San Francisco.

As an editor, Dave has experience in managing and coordinating the work of people in off-site locations. He is a skilled researcher familiar with AP style and is able to juggle multiple projects and deadlines. Dave is proficient at shooting and editing video and photos. He uses search engine optimization for clients who need to improve the ranking of their website materials.

Other editorial projects include writing brochure copy for the Bay Area Bioscience Center, advertising copy for Ogilvy & Mather, press kits and releases for Sanderson & Associates and promotional campaigns for Centex Business Expo. Dave has ghostwritten technical manuals, worked on bank manager training materials, and rewritten abstracts for Future Medicine. Dave was a writer and researcher for corporate philanthropic campaigns for Public Management Institute. He served as editorial consultant for a healthcare newsletter and marketing materials for John C. Osberg & Associates. He was a proofreader and editor of material about Chinese ceramics for the Asian Art Museum, and he generated biographies, features and brochure timelines for the Career Resources Development Center.
High Tech


Dave specializes in articles ranging from blurbs to blog postings to feature-length stories, as well as instructional texts and how-to pieces. He also writes material for newsletters, press releases, timelines, biographies and other promotional material.


Dave C. is curious about everything, but he is particularly interested in movies, music, history, science and technology, access for disabled people, health, nutrition and humor.


San Francisco State University

Dave C. earned a bachelor's degree in journalism from San Francisco State University.


2,599 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written content about software in a variety of categories for Apple and Windows computers, as well as apps running on Android devices, iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. He has written overviews and comparisons of software titles, undocumented features, tips and how-to pieces on topics ranging from desktop publishing and other creative applications to office software and simple but handy utilities.


2,019 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written hundreds of web pages and blog posts for optometrists on topics including cataracts, pink eye, dry eye, computer vision, the importance of regular exams, bifocals, contacts, amblyopia, diplopia, strabismus and other conditions of concern to patients.

Dave has written web copy, email campaigns, blog posts, social media updates, press releases, white papers, case studies and more for a wide range of medical categories with material targeting patients and professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, practice managers and medical organizations’ IT departments.

Topics covered include acute and chronic conditions, surgeries, medications, insurance issues, HIPAA and other regulatory concerns as well as technical information about computer and software systems for medical organizations such as electronic health record (EHR) and practice management applications.

Dave has developed material for doctors, nurses and medical students as well as for patients seeking general physicians and specialists, dentists, optometrists and ophthalmologists. He also creates content showcasing the unique offerings of local veterinarians and providers of complementary therapies including acupuncture, herbal remedies and chiropractic treatment.

Dave has written hundreds of web pages and blog posts for optometrists on topics including cataracts, pink eye, dry eye, computer vision, the importance of regular exams, bifocals, contacts, amblyopia, diplopia, strabismus and other conditions of concern to patients.

Dave has developed content including hundreds of web pages, blog posts and social media updates for general practice doctors, clinicians and ER physicians as well as those focusing on areas such as sports medicine, addiction, plastic surgery, sinus treatment and anesthesia.


1,257 Projects Completed

Dave C. specializes in writing content about Apple products, including Mac desktop and laptop computers, the iPod, iPhone and iPad, and applications and games that run on these devices. He focuses to a lesser extent on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. He has written material about a wide variety of electronics, such as GPS devices, e-readers, television and audio systems, metal detectors, weather stations, thermostats, smartphones, security systems and video cameras.

High Tech

1,204 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written about high tech for a variety of print publications, including Wired, Popular Science, Final Frontier and Destination Discovery. He has also ghost-written online content for high tech websites and blogs, with material covering smartphones, tablet computers, Apple computers and iOS devices, TVs and virtual reality systems. He also produces material on using online services such as social networks, video-sharing websites, webmail, search engines and cloud computing.


999 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written advertising copy, press releases, press kits and content for social networking and email marketing campaigns for a wide variety of industries, including biotechnology, computers, software, HVAC service companies, pest control firms, recreational vehicles, medicine, outer space, technology and the service sector. He has experience helping small and large business explain their products and services through their websites and to convey how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. Dave works with information supplied by the client as well as through interviews and research that he conducts on behalf of clients.

He has also written editorials, advertorials, articles for newsletters, corporate histories, executive biographies, company timelines and other related marketing materials.


819 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written about health for a variety of publications, including Wired, Diabetes Interview, Future Medicine and Final Frontier, as well as numerous websites. He researches and writes about health for humans and animals, including information about diagnostics, treatments, healthcare technology, biotech, genetic engineering and electronic data interchange for the healthcare industry. Dave has written on a variety of health subjects, including sleep hygiene, nursing education and physical therapy. He also covers topics such as senior caregiving, elective cosmetic surgery and the role of nutrition, exercise and Tai Chi in improving health.


661 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written on construction topics for a variety of websites, on topics ranging from reading construction blueprints, doing HVAC work, donating construction services to charitable causes, using LEDs for home lighting, incorporating home automation technologies into houses, installing home elevators, and working with plumbing and electrical contractors.

HVAC client copy includes hundreds of web pages and blog posts on a wide range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning topics, including how to size a system for a house, benefits of regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance, advice on going green as well as tips for saving on utility bills with more efficient systems and smart thermostats. He has covered questions of concern to homeowners and business owners who need repairs or who are planning to install a state-of-the-art system in a new building.


307 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written on science topics for numerous print publications and online sites, including Popular Science, Wired, OMNI, Final Frontier, Ad Astra, Space News, and Diabetes Interview.


242 Projects Completed

Dave C. has written numerous articles on educational subjects, including content about class reunions, instructional software, classroom safety, learning foreign languages, how to become certified in various fields and advances in distance learning. He has also written material on subjects such as writing teacher recommendations, using libraries, developing school projects and setting up science fair demonstrations.


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