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Nate D
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Norfolk, VA
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Nate has more than a decade of full-time newspaper newsroom experience as a reporter and editor. He is experienced in following industry and issue-specific trends and topics, generating original story ideas and researching, reporting and writing stories on deadline.

His experience and specialty is business-oriented reporting and feature writing on a range of topics such as local and state economic development, startup companies, entrepreneurs, tourism, transportation, legislative policies that affect business-related issues, consumer and retail trends, and feature stories that highlight the work and achievements of executives.

As a longtime reporter, Nate also has experience writing about healthcare, K-12 and higher education, public safety, agriculture, and the environment, arts and entertainment, and faith-based issues.

Nate worked for two years as the assistant editor of a regional, weekly business journal in Virginia. In that capacity, he was responsible for generating story ideas, planning short and long-term news coverage, editing the work of staff writers, freelance writers, and unpaid contributors, arranging for and regularly taking photos to accompany stories, providing print design input, writing story headlines for print and online and posting and curating content on the publication’s social media channels.

As a former U.S. military brat, Nate is aware of the unique challenges that face military members and their families, although he has not served in the military. Thanks to his time as part of a military family and many years as a reporter, Nate has lived or worked in Germany, Colorado, Washington state, Delaware, Mississippi, and Virginia, his home state since 2008.
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Small businesses

Economic development

Startup companies

Employee and executive profiles or features

Tourism and travel

Transportation (car, rail, and air)

Retail and consumer issues

Residential and commercial real estate and development


Hampton Roads, Virginia
Southeastern Virginia
Outer Banks North Carolina
Norfolk, Virginia


Delaware State University

Bachelor of arts in mass communications with a minor in sociology


50 Projects Completed

For nearly four years, Nate was the primary travel and tourism writer for a Virginia-based business journal. While in that role, he covered beach-related businesses, city-sponsored tourism campaigns, hotels, convention centers, arenas, the market for conferences and large events, highway, rail, and air transportation and all aspects of regional consumer behavior and business engagement relating to travel and tourism.


50 Projects Completed

Nate has approximately seven years of experience writing news stories about local, regional, and state transportation projects, as well as the policy, community conversations, legislative action and funding that are key elements of all transportation initiatives.


25 Projects Completed

Nate's first full-time reporter job was covering K-12 and higher education. In the decade since, he has regularly written feature stories that highlight the achievements and challenges that face students and teachers, as well as the paths set out and initiatives pursued by the leaders of educational institutions.

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100 Projects Completed

Nate has approximately 18 months of experience creating corporate content posts for Facebook and other social media platforms. The content included copy and images.

Press Release

25 Projects Completed

Backed with more than 10 years of journalism experience, Nate has approximately 18 months of experience creating press releases for a corporate client. The press releases usually highlighted products, customers, and high profile projects where the company products were used.

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10 Projects Completed

Nate has approximately 18 months of experience as a content creator for corporate newsletters.

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