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Elizabeth N. is a knowledgeable writer/editor with both Internet and print experience. Her writing range includes literary essays, personal essays, nonfiction articles, travel writing, press releases, blogs, webpage copy, brochure copy, print ad copy, radio scripts (for advertising), sales letters, sales emails and other business and marketing items.

She specializes in writing and editing in general, however Elizabeth N. has a knack for creative marketing and PR and offers a firm understanding of SEO, keywords and metadata descriptions. Elizabeth N. received her MA in English from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, which contributes to grammatical proficiency.

The subject matter has been diverse and includes technological products, pet care, biographical material, alternative health care, human resource information, customer service, real estate properties and hotel sales. Her current objective is to continue improving and expanding her writing scope. Elizabeth N. has tutored students in English and has guided many in academic writing. She dedicates herself to service and excellence on every project she undertakes. No matter what the need, Elizabeth N. will take a sophisticated approach and use research, personal experience and professional knowledge to produce exceptional writing.


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Elizabeth has been in marketing in one form or another throughout her career. She has written countless press releases as well as ad copy, sales letters, emails, blogs, website content and other marketing pieces. Many of Elizabeth's published articles were written for magazine advertisers.


Elizabeth grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and began learning about gaming at an early age. Her first job was as writer and editor for a Las Vegas publication called Player's Panorama. She wrote for Casino Journal and Card Player as well. Elizabeth worked at a hotel/casino in casino marketing and casino administration. Her job included running blackjack and slot tournaments.


Elizabeth's experience with pets began when she took her very first job at a pet store when she was a teen. Her entire work experience prior to graduating college was in the pet industry. This included working with animals and ordering and placing in-store food and supplies. In order to properly sell pets and supplies, Elizabeth attended in-store seminars. She went on to having many pets of her own from then until now. Her personal experience includes caring for dogs, cats, birds, fish, chinchillas and domesticated rats (which are quite smart). Elizabeth has studied about all of these pets, in addition to other species. Elizabeth’s experience and pet passion will add the right touch to any pet-related writing.

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