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Work Experience - Nicole has written several novels. They are currently undergoing the editing process. Creative writing is her favorite genre. Her goal is to one day write novels exclusively.

Nicole owns and operates a website where she shares her most current work. The website's main focus is helping writers improve their craft. Its secondary focus is teaching writers the importance of practicing self-care. Nicole also posts her own short stories and spec clips on this website.

Educational Experience - Nicole earned both a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Forensic Science. This has given her experience writing professional reports and scientific articles. Nicole is very comfortable writing articles, reports, grants, and professional essays.

Nicole recently acquired a certificate in Professional Business Writing from EdX. For this certificate, she studied writing for Social Media and the craft of effective and persuasive business writing.
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Nicole loves creative writing. Her favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, although she is also fond of a good mystery or thriller.

Recently, Nicole has taken an interest in The Innocence Project. She's working on an article about a woman who was wrongfully accused but later exonerated. She would love to do more projects like this. Nicole wants to shine a light on the systemic issues of the justice system in the United States.

Nicole's hobbies outside of writing include hiking, camping, nature photography, yoga, meditation, and reading. She also enjoys interacting on social media with fellow writers.


Bay Path University

Nicole graduated Magna Cum Laude from Bay Path University, with a 3.8 GPA. She made the Dean's List every semester and was inducted into the prestigious Maroon Key Honor Society. She was also given awards for Community Service and Excellence in Biochemistry.

About the Degree:

This degree was essentially a combination of pre-med and pre-law, requiring a full course load every semester. It provided well-rounded laboratory experience across the scientific disciplines. Legal education ranged from civil to criminal law, with in-depth instruction for each area. Medical knowledge of human anatomy from macro- to microscopic was essential. In addition, all students were required to take writing and history courses every semester to maintain a balanced education.

Additional Information:

While attending this school, Nicole served as a writing tutor to both undergraduate and graduate students. She created a unique grammar guide for Freshmen English courses, as well as an APA formatting guidebook for all students.

University of New Haven

Nicole graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Univerity of New Haven, with a GPA of 3.8. She was an active member of the Graduate Student Council.

About the Degree:

The focus of this degree was advanced investigation techniques. These techniques are used often for researching article information and discovering news sources. In addition, this degree provided ample experience writing scientific papers and research reports, as well as grant writing. Finally, the photography course for this degree offered the skills necessary to create effective social media content.

Self Help

3 Projects Completed

Nicole has a passion for self-help, and a major portion of her website content focuses on it. Here are some sample titles from a few posts she has created on this topic:

1. "A Step by Step Guide for Practicing Self Care"

2. "Tips for Overcoming Diurnal Depression"

3. "How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome"

4. "Self Care Collection Page Ideas" (Bullet Journal Tutorial)

5. Nicole has an entire category dedicated to this topic on her website, with several more articles published.


1 Projects Completed

Nicole has created and published her own website. On this website, she publishes blog posts, guest blog posts, spec clips, short stories, articles, listicles, and more.

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

Nicole has a website where she posts regularly. She also has several collaborative blog post projects (guest posts) published on this site.

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