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Samuel is an experienced copywriter. He's worked on esteemed copywriting websites for the past five years. On average, receiving five-star ratings for every article published.

Aside from this, Samuel is now a published author, having written a book on the British education system that is set to release in September. He has also written for The Spectator, one of the oldest, largest, and most esteemed weekly magazines in the world.

If you want a published, highly-professional, and technical author - who enjoys what he does - look no further.


His specialty would have to be education, since he has worked as a teacher and is now published in that sector. However, he enjoys writing articles on IT, pharmaceuticals, CBD, marketing, automobiles, and virtually anything that's technical.

Part of what makes copywriting such a fun hobby is the chance to swot up on some of the most technical subjects, and then produce a high-caliber article that gets people interested!


Samuel is especially interested in psychology. This is the lynchpin of all good writing. He likes to try to think from the perspective of his audience, whoever it may be. In terms of marketing, he has a good grounding in some of the most influential works: from Dan Ariely through to Rory Sutherland and Jonathan Haidt. He attempts to interweave psychological and neuroscientific principles throughout whatever he creates.

He is principally interested in writing upon technical subjects - be it automobiles, IT, politics, even vaping. There is no subject that he wouldn't be interested in turning his attention to...


University of Nottingham

He studied at one of the most prestigious institutions in higher education (in Britain), the University of Nottingham. As part of the Russell Group, Nottingham is one of the most competitive in the UK, and only had an acceptable rate of 1 in 16 back in 2011 when he first applied.

His dissertation earned me a first-class degree, with one of the professors commenting that it was the most beautifully-written work she'd read in 20 years in a permanent post.


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He has written a number of articles for pharmaceutical blogs through various copywriting platforms. Generally, he receives five stars for these - screenshots available upon request. Samuel is happy to familiarise himself with the latest in blockbuster biologics and biosimilars since 2016 (when he last authored a piece).


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He is currently writing a book for an award-winning educational publisher in the UK. The book is a guide for trainee teachers that is variously humorous, witty, and irreverent.


100 Projects Completed

He has completed well over a 100 advertisements through Copify, managing to obtain professional writer status back in 2016. Since then, he's continued to create high-quality copy, samples of which are available in my portfolio. He is happy to upload more samples but he's looking to get this profile up and running.


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In the world of edubooks, here is a summary of my experiences from his publisher, Crown House:

Samuel Elliott has been a classroom teacher since 2016. Having grown up, lived in and taught in deprived areas affords Samuel key insights into misbehaviour that many teachers lack. These experiences informed his approaches in his trainee and NQT years, which, combined with his research into behavioural psychology, have since given rise to a pedagogy that borrows from both traditional and progressive philosophies.

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