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Who knew an engineer could write? It's true!

Heather is an engineer and writer with a passion for explaining technical things in a way that everybody and anybody can understand.

She loves diagrams, schematics, graphs, and other technical stuff (engineer, remember?). Her experience includes short- and long-form blogs and articles, ghostwriting, web copy, and email copy.

Her writing has been published on company blogs, online magazines, industry websites, and supplier catalogs. Over her writing career, she's adapted her style to write about a variety of topics from HVAC DIY repair tips to Himalayan hiking tours to the history of dentistry.

Her work has appeared in various print magazines including Alert Diver and International Living.
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Heather's background as an engineer and project manager gives her a solid understanding of manufacturing, oil & gas, construction, and more!

Tired of blank stares when you explain what your industry does? Do people change the topic when you get into standard distributions and operational feasibility?

Not Heather!

Her specialty is technical industries. If you've got a complex product or business, and want to explain it in a blog post, article, web page, or email, Heather is the writer you've been dreaming of.


Heather's interests include writing (duh), as well as world travel, scuba diving, and reading good books.

Ask her about when she and her husband drove across Canada over five months while living in their truck!


Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia

Heather studied engineering in Halifax, Nova Scotia and graduated (after five years including one year of co-op program) in 2003.


12 Projects Completed

Writing for a conveyor belt company, fleet management, and pipeline integrity.


1 Projects Completed

Blog post for a manufacturer of conveyor belts, aiding readers in choosing the belt that best fits their manufacturing situation.

Blog Post

75 Projects Completed

A whole plethora of posts for a variety of industries (see General Writer) section. Most short posts included ideation as well as outlining, researching, and drafting the posts.

Heather has also written guest posts on websites for travel, self-help, and general life tips.


7 Projects Completed

Long-form articles for technical/manufacturing clients. These included outlining, research, drafting, and revisions as needed. Often 1,000+ words, these articles dived deep into each industry, speaking to readers with experience.

Email Copy

2 Projects Completed

-Outreach email to an existing contact list
-Promoting a blog post by the client
-CTA to learn more

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