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Crystal C. is a Featured Technology Contributor for Yahoo! Voices and also covers multiple television shows for Yahoo! TV. Her articles have been featured on Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance as well. With an Associated in Applied Science in both Networking and Software Development, Crystal's main area of expertise is with technology, computer, gadgets and software. She has worked as an IT Technician in the past and has been a freelance writer since 2007. Her career began with Associated Content, now Yahoo! Voices. She has since written for Demand Studios Media, Brighthub and private clients for blogs, websites and ebooks.

Thanks to her time at Demand Studios Media and Brighthub, she has received extensive training in different forms of writing, including blogs, tutorials, news articles and more. She was also educated in proper SEO techniques.

Crystal has studied SEO and fully understands what search engines look for. From finding the right keywords to spacing them correctly throughout an article, her articles are always SEO friendly. Though her primary language is US English, she is also proficient with UK English.

Crystal views writing as a way to help others understand the technology around them. She views research as simply a way to learn something new and thoroughly enjoys delving into new topics. Technology isn't her only focus. Whenever possible, she enjoys writing about mathematics and other educational topics as she worked for three years as a math tutor.

In addition to typical articles, Crystal has experience writing taglines, press releases, promotional sales pages, editorials, blog posts and timely news pieces. Every piece of content is carefully crafted based around the client's best interests and needs. She considers clients as partners and always gives her full focus to everything she creates.


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Crystal has written on a wide variety of tech topics, including Microsoft, Apple and Linux. She has written about the latest software, hardware, electronics, tutorials and news in the tech industry. Her content types include web pages, tutorials, articles, blog posts, case studies and product reviews.

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