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Nancy H
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As a former biochemistry research assistant, Nancy mastered the art of research and co-authored two peer-reviewed papers in national scientific journals. In the years since, she has honed her technique to share information in a way that piques interest in the lay audience, especially with informational articles, blog posts and copywriting.

In her position as an Internal Training Coordinator and Human Resources Assistant, she has written, developed and created over 20 instructional procedures and 15 training modules for various departments. She has also designed and programmed corporate internal websites and digital signage. Other roles within this company have included Travel Coordinator and Engineering Clerk.

She especially enjoys using her research skills to bring information to the public in an engaging manner.
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Nancy has written hundreds of informational articles and blog posts on topics including health and nutrition, beauty, car reviews, personal finance, travel and more!


Nancy's interests and areas of expertise include:
* Family, children, and parenting
* Pets
* Personal finance
* Self-improvement, personal development, and spirituality
* Car reviews, concept cars, and classic cars
* Science and technology
* Music, including classical, orchestral/symphonic, chamber music and solo. She spent over 15 years studying the violin and piano. She has also played violin in church bands.
* Nutrition, diet, and supplementation
* Self-image and beauty including skin care, makeup and clothing styles
* Cooking


Michigan State University

During four years as a research assistant, Nancy co-authored two articles that were published in leading industry peer-reviewed journals.


195 Projects Completed

Nancy spent nine years working in the automotive industry for a Tier 1 supplier in engineering and manufacturing. During this time, she gained an intriguing insider’s view of what goes into a car’s production. However, it’s the finished product that truly captures her attention; she relishes car reviews, comparing competing vehicles on the market, and concept vehicles.


181 Projects Completed

Nancy has earned a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and has finished two years of medical school. She has also worked as a Biochemistry Research Assistant for four years and has co-authored two papers in national peer-reviewed journals. She has been certified in CPR and basic first aid for 15 years and served as a medical specialist on her employer's Emergency Response Team for nine years. Nancy enjoys presenting medical information to the public in a format that's easy to read and understand. Her articles have been published on informational websites and blogs.


70 Projects Completed

Between a bachelor's degree in biochemistry, two years of medical school, and numerous seminars on nutrition, Nancy has gained a well-rounded background on health issues. She shines at translating medical or technical knowledge into a format that appeals to a wide audience and offers practical advice while keeping the reader's interest.


45 Projects Completed

Nancy has attended seminars and participated in a mentoring program for personal finances. She has also successfully completed several college courses in economics and personal accounting. She excels at presenting personal finance advice with an informational yet engaging tone. Her articles have been published on finance blogs and informational websites.

Self Help

18 Projects Completed

Nancy has actively studied self-help and personal development for nearly 20 years through independent study with books, mentorship, and seminars. The techniques she has covered include both secular and spiritual overtones, and she has seen significant, positive changes in her life as a result of these studies. Her writings have been published on informational websites and blogs.


11 Projects Completed

Nancy has attended several seminars and completed a medical school course on diet and nutrition. She advocates lifestyle change, moderation and self-discipline, and blending nutrition with self-image. She has successfully applied the principles of healthy nutrition in her own life with maintaining a normal body mass index, carrying two pregnancies to term, and losing all pregnancy weight within nine months of giving birth. She has written articles mainly for informational websites and blogs.


11 Projects Completed

Nancy has attended several seminars on beauty, self-image, skin care, makeup application, and helping women bring out their innate beauty. She believes that thoughtful application of fashion and cosmetics can boost a woman’s self-image; this translates into improved performance on a personal and professional level. Nancy has taught beauty and self-image as a mentor, often combining it with the basics of nutrition; after all, a healthy diet promotes a healthy body, which enhances natural beauty. Her writings include blog posts and informational articles.


11 Projects Completed

Nancy has composed informational articles for the legal profession from a business journalism perspective. These pieces have been well-received by the target audience for their clarity, understanding and use of legal terminology.


11 Projects Completed

Nancy has provided tech support within her employer's company, dealing mostly with general troubleshooting, software assistance and light networking. Her co-workers have expressed appreciation for her no-nonsense approach and ability to empower them to get the most out of their software.


9 Projects Completed

Nancy has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and has completed two years of training in medical school. In addition, she has four years of experience as a Biochemistry Research Assistant, during which time she co-authored two articles in peer-reviewed journals. On a more informal level, she has written informative pieces and blog posts aimed at social media outlets. Nancy has grown adept at adjusting her writing style for either formal scientific papers or for the lay audience.


7 Projects Completed

As a mother of two small children, Nancy is always learning and sharing new things that can help families and moms to grow and increase self-confidence. She believes in living frugally without sacrificing quality, and she enjoys building her children’s educational and spiritual foundation at home. Her writings have been primarily for blogs.


6 Projects Completed

As an animal lover, Nancy has had various pets over the years including cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rats. Currently, her household includes two cats; she’s working on convincing her husband that they need a large family dog. Her articles have appeared in blogs and veterinary websites.


5 Projects Completed

During seven years of work as a corporate travel coordinator, Nancy developed and improved processes for passport and visa applications and renewals, assisted in the implementation of a corporate online booking platform, and arranged travel across the globe for roughly 75 employees and contractors. In addition, Nancy designed and programmed an internal website to provide travelers with up-to-date information on international travel requirements, CDC health recommendations, travel alerts and warnings, and passport and visa status. Nancy was also responsible for researching the local culture and lifestyle to help international travelers prepare for their trip.

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25 Projects Completed

Nancy has researched, written and created visually stimulating and attractive presentations for slides shown to a live audience, for silent, user-paced web-based training presentations, and for narrated web-based training in Flash format. She has also written and recorded the scripts as needed. Her presentations have been well-received, and she has been praised for her professional scripts and voice-overs.


11 Projects Completed

Nancy has written scripts for training programs that she designed and created for in-house training, including narrating the videos herself. Her training modules, writing and narration skills have been praised for their professionalism and ability to engage the audience. Nancy understands that writing for an auditory audience requires catering to shorter attention spans, storytelling and soft sells.

Facebook Post

10 Projects Completed

Nancy composes brief but intriguing Facebook posts that stimulate the reader's curiosity or thinking, thus enticing him/her to follow the link provided.

Press Release

4 Projects Completed

Nancy approaches writing a press release with the mindset of a journalist: Does this scream newsworthy? She excels at finding and highlighting a unique angle within a short but effective format.

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