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Erin K. is a professional writer with seven years of experience writing for the Web and print media. She holds a degree in Scientific and Technical Communication with a concentration in Writing. Her work has appeared in outlets ranging from small business websites to national print magazines and leading research publications.

Formerly a marketing project manager at an international communications agency, Erin has handled copywriting and messaging for all types of formal communication documents, including websites, press releases, brochures, annual reports, magazines, research reports, academic journals, advertising, training, promotional materials, blog posts and newspaper articles. She is experienced in all aspects of SEO, from back-end coding to creating user-friendly copy, and is skilled in creating text to suit both search engines and the end user. Her experience in Web development and ground-level understanding of search engine rankings enables her to write content that improves placement; many of her past websites rank in the top 10 spots on major search engines.

Erin has written extensively in the fields of engineering, environmental research, performing arts, health and travel. She is an agile learner and adapts easily to new subject matter; as a ghostwriter, she has tackled topics ranging from robotic automation technology to the nuances of opera-going audience members. She enjoys the constant stream of new topics her work brings and relishes the opportunity to delve into research. Erin brings a wealth of personal experience to her writing; in the past six years, she has visited 50 countries, become fluent in Spanish, completed training programs for various marathons and performed in musical theater productions around the world.


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Erin has written about travel for a number of Web and print publications, including USA TODAY, Travels.com and National Geographic online. She has completed blog posts, feature articles, travel tips articles, front-of-book magazine content, and alternative travel articles. An avid traveler, she often writes from the perspective of a solo female traveler visiting off-the-beaten-track destinations like Bulgaria, Nicaragua and Uruguay. She is experienced in travel planning, budget travel, solo travel, and cultural immersion travel.

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