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Deborah specializes in writing product and website reviews. She started writing these in 1998 and has since broadened her platform to include blogs and websites. Her favorite topics are books and software, but she will write a review on anything that interests her.

Deborah's goal is to help readers make educated choices when trying to decide on what product or service they would like to buy. Because of this, she has developed a strong proficiency in research skills and a good proficiency in SEO.

Another writing specialty she has is writing how-to guides. While working at an off-site job in 2002, she wrote a training guide for a state-mandated test that helped her team pass their tests so that they could continue their employment at this agency. She has since written step-by-step instructions on how to perform office procedures and how to use database software.

When she started blogging in 2004, she had very little knowledge about how to use WordPress. After some trial and error, she began to learn how to do various things, such as how to insert headers and how to upgrade the platform without breaking her blog. Once she learned how to use WordPress, she began posting step-by-step directions so that her readers could learn how to do the same things that she was doing.

Her blogging experience landed her a blogging gig in 2006. She wrote for two blogs in her client's network, a cooking blog and a paranormal blog. The cooking blog gave her the opportunity to write reviews on kitchen gadgets and post kitchen tips. With the paranormal blog, she wrote a variety of articles, reviews, and entertainment announcements.

Today, she writes articles and reviews for a variety of sites, as well as her personal blog. In her spare time, she work on her novels.

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Deborah specializes in writing articles, blog posts, reviews, product descriptions and how-to guides.


Deborah enjoys reading a variety of books, including suspense/thriller, mainstream, self-help, and computer books. Her other interests include watching movies, testing software for her Mac, and building websites.



Deborah received her diploma in web content. This course taught her how to write for the web. Several topics were covered, such as how to know your audience, how to create attention grabbing headlines, how to write summaries, and more.

Damn Fine Words

Deborah earned her certificate from Damn Fine Words, which focused on writing blog posts and articles.


47 Projects Completed

Deborah has written a variety of reviews primarily for Mac software, although she has written some comparison articles on PC software. These reviews were articles written for content sites as well as her personal blog.

Some of the brand names included Dragon Naturally Speaking, Omni Outliner, MacGourmet, Merlin Project Management software for the Mac, MacFamilyTree, Jewel Quest, Trend Micro Smart Surf for the Mac, and more.

With Trend Micro Smart Surf, Deborah was given the trial download for the software so that she could test it out and give it a thorough review. This was a consignment article for BrightHub.com.


18 Projects Completed

These articles appeared on Associated Content (now Yahoo! Voice). These assignments involved writing reviews of her city's restaurants. Deborah covered the location of the restaurant, the quality of the food and service, the price, and the dress code.

Some of the restaurants she covered included La Fondue in Saratoga, El Burro Mexican Restaurant in Campbell, Pearl River Chinese Restaurant in San Jose, High Five Restaurant in San Jose, and others. Deborah was required to write three articles per month while working for Associated Content. She also wrote a variety of recipe articles for this site and a now defunct cooking blog.


16 Projects Completed

Deborah wrote the majority of the gaming articles for Associated Content. These were reviews that she had written for Mac and Nintendo Wii video games. She posted some of these articles to her personal blog because they were word games that writers could enjoy.

Some of the articles included Bejeweled 3, Chicken Invaders, Your Shape (a Wii fitness game with Jenny McCarthy), Super Collapse 3 for Mac, Play Station Move, and others.

These reviews included visual snapshots, the object of game, the different gameplay levels, how easy or hard it was to play, and her overall opinion of the game.

Product Description

1,009 Projects Completed

Deborah has written a wide variety of product descriptions for various clients on WA and elsewhere since 2013. Categories include clothing, sporting goods, automotive, toys, food, books, vacation venues and more. She has also written product category descriptions that highlight the products that her clients have sold.


363 Projects Completed

Deborah has written numerous articles for a variety of clients and on a broad variety of topics. These include medical, travel, employment, education, Internet, software, computer, and others.

Blog Post

240 Projects Completed

Deborah wrote 3-5 articles per week for two blogs, covering the topics of cooking gadgets and the paranormal. These required her to research the web to find material that would help her write her articles. The paranormal blog enjoyed success when she wrote about a popular event that was to occur at a well known haunted sanatorium. She also started a blog that covered the topic of self-publishing.


85 Projects Completed

Deborah has written for small to major online retailers, writing content that describes the features of a wide variety of products. These include fashion, food, electronics, sporting goods, automotive, software, toys and more. She is experienced with SEO practices and utilizes the keywords that her clients provide. She writes the descriptions to fit her clients’ brand.

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