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Barbara H
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You might consider Barbara H. a "chameleon writer," as she can easily adapt her writing style to diverse clients' needs. She began her writing career with a volunteer position, creating a monthly newsletter for a large Chesapeake Bay area sailing club. Her early professional positions included working as a copywriter for a small general advertising agency as well as a recruitment advertising firm. She got a taste of technical writing and proofreading within a large engineering contractor's Technical Publications Department.

Barbara H.'s increasing interest in advertising and marketing psychology led to a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a marketing focus. This highly adaptable degree served her well as she opened an eclectic arts and antiques gallery in a rustic 150-year-old grain warehouse.

She added to her business ownership and marketing resume by creating an upscale ladies' consignment clothing shop in a 1902-vintage building with stamped tin ceilings and stunning front display windows. She delighted in writing her own advertisement and press release copy, as well as developing a targeted marketing program for each venture.

Barbara also excelled in advertising sales work, designing marketing programs, and writing numerous ads for clients ranging from medical practices to retail businesses. She further diversified her writing skills by creating highly rated website articles that covered the full gamut of subjects. Her excellent work led to many higher-paying opportunities.

Today, Barbara H. dons a different writer's hat (and a different voice), depending on her client's style and audience needs. She consistently challenges herself to create well-written finished products that reflect well on her clients.
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