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You might consider Barbara H. a "chameleon writer," as she can easily adapt her writing style to diverse clients' needs. She began her writing career with a volunteer position, creating a monthly newsletter for a large Chesapeake Bay area sailing club. Her early professional positions included working as a copywriter for a small general advertising agency as well as a recruitment advertising firm. She got a taste of technical writing and proofreading within a large engineering contractor's Technical Publications Department.

Barbara H.'s increasing interest in advertising and marketing psychology led to a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a marketing focus. This highly adaptable degree served her well as she opened an eclectic arts and antiques gallery in a rustic 150-year-old grain warehouse.

She added to her business ownership and marketing resume by creating an upscale ladies' consignment clothing shop in a 1902-vintage building with stamped tin ceilings and stunning front display windows. She delighted in writing her own advertisement and press release copy, as well as developing a targeted marketing program for each venture.

Barbara also excelled in advertising sales work, designing marketing programs, and writing numerous ads for clients ranging from medical practices to retail businesses. She further diversified her writing skills by creating highly rated website articles that covered the full gamut of subjects. Her excellent work led to many higher-paying opportunities.

Today, Barbara H. dons a different writer's hat (and a different voice), depending on her client's style and audience needs. She consistently challenges herself to create well-written finished products that reflect well on her clients.
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Barbara H. is a business-focused freelance writer with 11+ years of experience. She writes about startups and entrepreneurship, business and marketing challenges, and specialized business services.

She can easily adopt a business or conversational style, and she's an SEO-friendly writer. Long-form "Ultimate Guide"-style articles are her specialty. Plus, she has written website copy, marketing copy, press releases, and reputation management pieces.

Barbara's solid business foundation complements her writing skills. Besides her marketing degree, she previously owned two small businesses and gained sales/client-facing and retail management experience.

Barbara is also a pet-focused writer with extensive pet industry background. She previously worked as a dog groomer, pet sitter, and veterinary receptionist.

In addition, Barbara wrote numerous pet care articles for veterinary practice websites throughout the United States and Canada. And, she and her husband share their home with their third rescue dog, who adds an extra-special spark to their lives.

Next, Barbara writes about sailing and boating from firsthand experience. She lived and cruised on a sailboat and trawler, and also sailed on numerous sailing club members' vessels. As a result, she can confidently write about any non-technical aspect of boating.

Barbara has written numerous health and fitness articles for the healthy lifestyle brand. She also writes well-researched pieces for the SpineUniverse patient and medical professional audiences.

Finally, Barbara has written long-form pieces for the senior services industry, a field with which she is very well acquainted. During her work as a small business advertising salesperson, she worked with two local assisted living facilities. She also has firsthand experience as Power of Attorney for an elderly relative.

Recently, Barbara added ghostwriting to her creative repertoire. She has ghostwritten numerous articles on small business services and other business-focused topics. She also crafts thought leadership pieces for well-known corporate CEOs.


Barbara is an avid birdwatcher. From her sailboat cockpit, she enjoys viewing ospreys, bald eagles, great blue herons, and common loons. She gravitates to the water, where she has experience with snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and sailing and boating. She thoroughly enjoys anything related to animals, and takes every opportunity to interact with them and write about them.


University of Baltimore

Analysis of marketing's role in successful business development and expansion. Discussed marketing components, market segmentation and market research design parameters. Learned to adapt marketing techniques to diverse business environments.


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Barbara has many years' experience in boating-related fields. She was an avid sailor for over 30 years, during which time she and her husband cruised the Intracoastal Waterway. Barbara helped to refurbish, and then lived aboard, both a sailboat and a trawler. She worked in two large marine supply stores, assisting customers with their boating equipment needs. She also served as a cruising coordinator and education chair for a 900-member sailing club. Through her interactions with marine industry professionals, she is also familiar with marine electrical, marine woodworking, and boat repair and maintenance occupations.

Non Profit

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Barbara managed a Habitat for Humanity ReStore for two years. She rearranged and redecorated the entire store, created a store/community event calendar, and regularly interfaced with the Board of Directors. This sustained marketing effort resulted in sales increases, and helped to further the Habitat for Humanity affiliate's mission. This experience provided Barbara with skills that would benefit her during future interactions with non-profit clients.


635 Projects Completed

Barbara has published a number of business articles, including over 100 business start-up pieces, targeted marketing and advertising articles, and career path articles covering many industries. Most notably, Barbara focused her work on boating and recreation, health and fitness, home decor and remodeling, aviation, fashion, and professional services topics.

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