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Crystal, who also writes under Athena, has been a freelance writer for years, and due to her range of interests, she is able to write on a wide variety of topics. The hallmark of her work is that she writes well but quickly. Many of her clients have commented on her speed and quality and have recommended her to others on this basis.
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Crystal can write just about anything, but the majority of her work has been for website content and promotional uses.


Crystal enjoys reading about anything she can pick up, but her favorite topics are history, sociology, science, health, and food and cooking.


Houston Community College

Crystal attended community college to earn two degrees: an Associates in Arts and an Associates in Sciences.

University of Houston

Crystal studied history and psychology at the University of Houston to earn a BA in history.


542 Projects Completed

Crystal has written multiple articles that encompass health and wellness including healthy living, diets, addiction recovery, health effects of CBD, and fitness.


402 Projects Completed

Crystal has extensive experience creating product descriptions and articles for automotive parts. These articles always had the focus of instructing the reader how to recognize a problem and what parts will help fix the issue. In doing so, Crystal has a deep knowledge of the workings of vehicle engines, gasoline and diesel, and how cars work. Crystal uses this information to help readers learn more about their own vehicles and how to repair them.


384 Projects Completed

Crystal has written hundreds of articles for the gardening section of the website for a major metropolitan area's newspaper. Topics covered included growing fruit trees and troubleshooting vegetable gardens. These topics required extensive research before writing and publication. Personal experience also played a role in many of the articles written.


360 Projects Completed

During Crystal's writing career, some of her pieces have focused on helping businesses to become more productive and profitable. She has covered everything from ways to help remote workers to insurance needs for employees. Because even industrial operations must still maintain profits, some of her work has specifically helped warehouse operators or factory managers to reduce waste and make the most of the space in their facilities.


281 Projects Completed

Crystal has composed dozens of articles on medical supplies and equipment including such esoteric items as oximeters and hospital beds. She has also written about medical procedures such as plastic surgery and created promotional content for doctors' and dentists' offices' webpages.


202 Projects Completed

Crystal has taught food science and cooking classes. Additionally, she has written works published online about food and cooking, including a paid blog site. It is one of her favored fields of study both from a scientific and historical perspective. Some of the aspects of food and cooking Crystal likes to cover include making the most nutritious recipes possible and finding out about the science and history behind the dishes.


201 Projects Completed

For several months, Crystal wrote hundreds of travel and lifestyle articles for a Texas travel website in addition to pieces for the sites print magazine. These pieces focused on generating tourism to the area while also introducing locals to little-known facts about the culture and history of their state.


200 Projects Completed

Crystal has taught a "Science of Cooking" summer camp for three years, which gave her insight in cooking techniques and explaining them in a way that elementary school-aged children could understand. Her cooking writing work has included personal recipe creations, recipe roundups, cooking tips, and information on the science behind why cooking works.


134 Projects Completed

Focusing on longform pieces over 2000 words, Crystal has created dozens of pieces for the construction industry. Many articles focus on maintaining equipment and keeping workers on a construction site safe. All articles deeply examine the topic with relevant information the reader can apply to his or her business. With valuable data from trusted sources such as OSHA and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, readers can feel assured of the accuracy of what they see in all these construction pieces.


126 Projects Completed

During one portion of Crystal's more than 15 years of writing for the web, she regularly contributed webpage content and blogs for medical professionals such as plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, orthopedists, optometrists, and general practitioners. Many of these pieces include descriptions that carefully outline procedures done by the doctors in these fields in a way that would make them understood by the patients.


100 Projects Completed

Providing insider advice on activities for kids and families in Texas and the surrounding areas, Crystal has informed hundreds of people through her work. Topics she has covered in this area include things to do with the kids, activities for a couple's night out, and restaurant recommendations for what you crave.


56 Projects Completed

Crystal has experience creating content for veterinarian offices' websites plus blogs that cover pet health and wellness. This writer can tailor the work to appeal to novice pet owners or those well-versed in medical terms for pets.

Home Living

53 Projects Completed

Crystal has extensive experience writing pieces covering various aspects of home construction: plumbing, electricity, and miscellaneous home improvement. Pieces created for these topics have included web content for contractors as well as informative pieces for homeowners who want to take a DIY approach to home improvement projects.


52 Projects Completed

Crystal has composed blogs and webpages in longform for various companies in the manufacturing industry. Topics covered have included everything from making warehouses more efficient to how manufacturers can embrace Industry 4.0. Though used on webpages for ultimately promotional purposes, all pieces included heavy research into the topic, using industry-known publications and other trusted sources for reference. Crystal's work for the manufacturing industry has consistently included quality, educational material to leave the reader with useful information.

Real Estate

45 Projects Completed

Crystal has written on refinancing mortgages and what to look for when buying a new home. Additionally, she has a hobby-level interest in architecture and real estate that informs her writing.


38 Projects Completed

Crystal has written a handful of carefully researched pages about various types of software as a service (SaaS). These have included cloud services and software such as products that allow for remote storage, cloud faxing, or digital signing.


33 Projects Completed

With experience in construction and manufacturing writing, Crystal has also composed pieces covering technology in these areas. The specialized technology used in these fields shares many factors with consumer goods. Because Crystal has written frequently on industrial tech, this writer can take on any tech articles due to the previous research done and personal interest in the topic.


30 Projects Completed

Crystal has composed dozens of health and nutrition articles. Much of it has been advice for people to follow concerning all aspects of a healthy diet. Crystal has also done a series of works on health during pregnancy. She has also written about how to determine the nutritional values of meals that have been prepared.


22 Projects Completed

Not only has Crystal written for the education industry, Crystal has been a part of it. With more than 15 years of teaching experience that includes leading educational science summer camps, teaching SAT and ACT test prep, and educating high school students in both public and private schools. Crystal uses this experience to educate readers and add value to the pieces written. She also has contributed to creating curriculum and textbook material used by a test prep company.


20 Projects Completed

During her career, Crystal has written on some of the best state parks to visit in Texas. Additionally, she has offered readers tips for other ways to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.


20 Projects Completed

Crystal has contributed blogs and web pages to various companies about their office products including software and cloud-based solutions fro in-office use and remote workers. Products covered have included cloud-based storage and esignature services.

Green Products

20 Projects Completed

Crystal has written about solar panels and tips on how homeowners and businesses can be greener. Additionally, she has covered the benefits of solar panels, how going green can improve profit margins, and how companies can wisely invest in green products to get the greatest financial benefits.


20 Projects Completed

Crystal's focus on transportation articles has mainly been on carriers and truck owners and how they can improve their operations. For instance, she has written about the best apps to help truck drivers on their routes. She has also covered safety topics for drivers.

On another front, some of her transportation articles have covered shipping products via air or sea. For these, she has had to focus on not only the method of moving the goods but also any regulations that need following for the shipment.

One specialty Crystal has is writing about automobiles. She prefers to cover topics such as how they run, problems that may occur, and parts needed for repairs rather than outlining information about the latest models.

Lastly, Crystal has also covered attributes of planes and boats, such as their parts, replacement products for them, safety issues.

CBD Products

17 Projects Completed

Crystal has covered CBD products from a scientifically supported stance. Through heavily researched work, she has composed pieces outlining the benefits of various types of cannabis-based products and how they differ from whole marijuana. Additionally, she has written articles that carefully outline the laws governing dispensaries in various states and the methods needed to get medicinal marijuana or CBD in various places.


15 Projects Completed

Crystal has written several pieces specifically for engineers concerning various products or services they may need. For instance, she has covered information about AC and DC power supplies, regulated and unregulated power supplies, process coolers, materials used in space exploration, and properties and uses of various chemicals.


10 Projects Completed

Crystal has written on the best apps for a variety of users. For instance, she has covered the apps truck drivers should use. The pieces for this industry have mainly been in listicle format for ease of reading and accessing the app sources.


10 Projects Completed

Crystal has covered topics about using technology in the healthcare industry plus innovations in biomedical and pharmaceuticals. For instance, she has written about genetic engineering techniques using the Rosa26 knock-in, the differences between knock-in an knock-out with gene editing, and how to save energy in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Blog Post

1,492 Projects Completed

Crystal has been a daily contributor to a blog for a furniture company as well as a weekly contributor to a blog on maternity clothing and pregnancy advice. Other blogs Crystal has posted to include a curtain tracks company as well as a personal blog on food and cooking in her area.

Web Page

533 Projects Completed

A large number of Crystal's clients have sought web page content to promote their products or services. Crystal has written information for every page on a website including the contact us, home page and about us pages. Some clients also required information on the products or services pages for their websites.


206 Projects Completed

Many of Crystal's works have been written in SEO format and posted to article directories. Pieces she has done in this category have covered just about every subject imaginable from golf balls to dining room chairs. The range of articles also includes medical procedures, doctors' offices and informational articles on how to do things.

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