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Ian is a results-driven business development professional with extensive experience in sales, marketing and contract negotiation. His background is complemented by 25 years' experience as a business-to-business (B2B) consultant.

Looking to create a repository of his career experiences, Ian started his own website and YouTube channel, a channel with over 40,000 subscribers and 4 million views. It was his passion for content creation that caught the attention of the Institute of Supply Chain Management and MIT, both of which interviewed him for their respective online publications.

Currently, Ian is focused on generating engaging and thought-provoking content so his customers can gain market share and improve their customer relationships.
Search Marketing


Ian has written thousands of articles, blog posts, and ad copy on sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain management, inventory management, and operations.

He has written step-by-step process documents on how to implement lean manufacturing, how to optimize manufacturing work cells, and how to properly assess a company's production throughput.

His digital marketing whitepapers help companies manage their online reputation, while also outlining how to identify, win and keep customers.


Ian is a single father with two wonderful teenagers and an easy-going Golden Retriever. He enjoys fishing, camping, spending time with his kids, walking his dog, and cheering for the Washington Football Team.


1,000 Projects Completed

Ian's marketing experience includes marketing direct to Telecom OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturers), terrestrial earth stations, VARS (Value-Added Resellers) distributors, and high power amplifier manufacturers. He is specifically adept at helping companies define a channel to market for their products and services.

Ian has extensive experience in performing market feasibility studies and understands thoroughly the approaches needed to successfully perform a market share analysis.

Search Marketing

500 Projects Completed

Ian's search marketing content is all over the internet. He has ghostwritten hundreds of articles on digital marketing. His strength lies in helping companies combine organic growth with paid search strategies in order to identify, pursue and close on opportunities.


300 Projects Completed

Ian's entire 25-year career has been devoted to business development of technical products and services. He has several years' experience in commodity-based sales, selling plastic to several injection molding industries.

He has combined his work experience with hundreds of sales and marketing consulting projects. His website and YouTube channel includes dozens of videos on how to engage customers and win business. He has worked alongside sales teams to help them generate new opportunities through cold-calling and prospecting.


150 Projects Completed

Ian spent six years as a Director of Business Development for an independent testing laboratory whose core responsibilities included testing integrated assemblies within the rail, infrastructure, and construction industries. This experience was invaluable in working alongside multiple contractors responsible for over 25 light rail transit projects throughout the United States and Canada.


50 Projects Completed

Ian's first position out of university was working as a project consultant for a consulting company that worked directly onsite with manufacturers. During this time, Ian's travel was 100% and continuous.

Ian has an in-depth understanding of lean manufacturing principles, Six Sigma processes and understands the importance of adopting simple strategies to increase production throughput.


1,504 Projects Completed

Ian has written 600 articles and blog posts for his own website in addition to ghostwriting well over 1500 articles for his customers worldwide. He has a passion for content creation. He puts himself in the mind of the reader and focuses on simple, easy-to-use solutions that get results.

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