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Leslie C
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Since graduating college in 2002, Leslie C has written hundreds of articles and blog posts on a freelance basis. Just a few of her interests as a writer include topics like home repair, home maintenance, home improvement, travel, cooking, baking, green living, gardening, parenting, decorating, party planning and generally running a successful and functional household. In particular, her passion for writing home and family related articles has only increased since she started a cooking blog in 2011 and bought a ranch-style "fixer" home, circa 1950's. Everyday for Leslie is a new adventure in DIY home repair, family cooking and retro-style decorating, and her passion for these subjects shows in her written work.

When not freelance writing, Leslie is editing technical books and academic articles and dabbling in web design. She has a bachelor's degree in fine art and jumps at any opportunity to write about fine art, art history and entertainment.

Leslie is also a painter, avid reader, business woman and parent of one. She has lived all over the United States and has traveled all over the world. These experiences have inspired her to write about topics like surviving an overnight flight with a young child, moving from one coast to another, living on a vegetarian diet in South America, getting around by rental car in Mexico and what to do when stranded in an airport. Leslie looks forward to exploring similar topics more extensively in the future. Through her writing, she strives to make life easier for ambitious home owners, parents, home chefs and world travelers.
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