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Bridget C. has been a professional writer and content provider since 1998 and has extensive experience publishing articles, blog posts, website copy, product descriptions and marketing materials. Her published pieces span a wide range of topics, including parenting, health, nutrition, pets, beauty, fashion, travel, science and art.

Bridget C. holds a degree in Biology with a concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Cincinnati. Her professional career includes 10 years working in academic and industry laboratories, six years in retail sales, and four years of professional tutoring experience. She has also lived and traveled extensively in Asia and spent two years working as a volunteer in a maternal-baby healthcare setting overseas.


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Bridget C's Fitness Industry Experience

104 Projects Completed

Bridget's fitness articles cover sports and exercise topics for kids and adults. They have appeared in commercial publications, including American Fitness, FitnessRx, and Pediatrics for Parents, as well as on the health and fitness website Livestrong.com.

Industry Projects

  • Health500+
  • Medical500+
  • Nutrition500+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Women100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Pets100+
  • Travel100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Beauty50+
  • Food50+
  • Science50+
  • Bio/Pharm50+

Summary of Industry Experience


With over 500 health articles published in a variety of publications and a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology, Bridget has established herself as an expert in the field. Her articles appear in print publications, such as Oxygen Magazine and Pediatrics for Parents, as well as on health and fitness websites. She has also ghostwritten blog copy for medical and dental offices, informational pages for addiction rehab centers and health-related product copy. Health topics Bridget has covered include women's health, addiction, mental health, alternative remedies, breastfeeding, pregnancy health, and pediatrics. She has completed specific academic courses in public health, AIDS, ADHD, the US healthcare system, cardiovascular disease, epidemiology and physiology, and she previously worked both in biotech research labs and as a volunteer overseas in a maternal-baby healthcare setting.


Bridget has written a wide array of articles on medical topics, including articles describing the symptoms, effects, and treatment options for various conditions, and has also ghostwritten blog posts for medical and dental offices. Bridget has specific expertise writing broad-reaching overview articles that describe the basics of a specific condition, medication, or medical procedure. These articles include "Childhood Knee Replacement", "About Infant Seizures", and "About Alopecia Areata." In addition to her medical articles, she also contributed entries to an electronic medical dictionary and crafted web copy for a website on drug abuse. Her professional experience also includes 10 years of working in a medical research lab and experience editing manuscripts for submission to medical journals. She holds a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology and has completed courses in Physiology, Genetics, Cancer Biology, Developmental Biology, AIDS, Anatomy, Cardiovascular Disease and Public Health.


Bridget holds a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology and has written nutrition articles for over a decade, including writing for both print publications and online venues. Her nutrition articles cover a wide range of topics, from pieces on what foods to eat for certain conditions to detailed nutritional analyses of specific types of food. Bridget also served as a stringer for the Eat Right Flash section of Self magazine for two years, a position that involved translating complex jargon-laden articles from scientific publications into easy-to-understand blurbs for a general audience. During her academic career, Bridget completed specific related coursework, including classes about Nutrition and Disease, Cooking for Kids and Human Physiology.


Bridget has written over 300 articles on family topics for various venues such as Livestrong.com, Hiddenvalley.com, BabyTuition.com and Pediatrics for Parents. Her articles cover various kids and family topics, including infant care, children's health, fun activities for toddlers and school-aged kids, and sibling rivalry. Her articles include titles such as "How to Deal With Competitive Behavior Between Twin Toddlers", "Foot Fungus in Children", and " Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks to Make With Children."


Bridget has written over 300 articles on women for various publications, including Livestrong.com, Oxygen, Fitness Rx for Women, Women's Own, TypeF.com, Self, and Glamour South Africa. Her articles cover a vast array of topics, including pregnancy, menopause, female health, female nutrition, breast cancer, sexuality, dieting, relationships, beauty, fashion, and more.


Bridget C's fashion-related articles and marketing copy appears on fashion blogs as well as on web pages for major retailers and independent designers. Bridget C is especially adept at writing high-end fashion retail copy, including product descriptions and category landing pages describing jewelry, designer swimwear, luxury handbags and women's shoes. Bridget C has a background that includes jewelry sales experience and retail management experience.


Bridget has written over 150 pet articles for various publications and websites, including Cats, Dog Fancy, I Love Cats, Pet Age, eHow Pets, and Suite 101. Her articles cover a wide range of topics, including features on famous pets, pet health, pet care, and new advances in pet product lines. Some of her published articles include "Kitties Hit the Books: Library Cats", "Homes for Every Bunny", and "Mind Matters: Caring for Your Older Dog's Mental Health."


Bridget has produced over 100 travel articles for a variety of publications, including the print publication The Dollar Stretcher, major travel-services websites and destination blogs. Bridget has experience living abroad and has traveled extensively throughout Asia, Europe, and North America.


Bridget's fitness articles cover sports and exercise topics for kids and adults. They have appeared in commercial publications, including American Fitness, FitnessRx, and Pediatrics for Parents, as well as on the health and fitness website Livestrong.com.


Whether it's an article on taming acne, a product description for an upscale skin care line, a blog entry describing the different types of curling irons or a nail art tutorial, Bridget has written them all. With a wide range of articles, blog posts and sales copy writing in her portfolio, Bridget has mastered the intricacies of writing about skin, hair, nails, cosmetics and general beauty topics. Her articles have appeared in both trade and commercial publications as well as on beauty websites. Bridget is adept at writing to audiences of all ages, from preteens to older women, and she knows the difference between retinoids, peptides and hyaluronic acid.


Bridget has written over 50 articles on food topics for various venues, including Hiddenvalley.com, Livestrong.com, and Ehow.com. Her food articles cover topics such as meal and snack ideas, recipes, cooking instructions, and nutritional information. Some of her published articles include "Healthy Bedtime Snacks", "Pirate-Themed Food for Kids", "Easy Chicken Crock Pot Dinners" and "Nutrition in Oreo Cookies."


Bridget's science articles have appeared in multiple consumer and trade publications and on websites, including Genetic Engineering News, Weatherwise, and eHow.com. She also served as a contributing editor for BriefMe Science & Technology Ezine. Her science articles have covered a wide range of topics, including cloud seeding, the NIH Roadmap initiative, and the genetics of hair color.


Bridget's biotechnology and pharmaceutical articles have been published in trade magazines and online. She has written for Genetic Engineering News, eHow, Livestrong.com, and Brief Me Science & Technology ezine. Her pieces include educational articles, feature articles on current biotechnology advances, and in-depth reports on how biotechnology can affect readers' lives. She also has a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and 10 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, including writing and editing research reports, journal submissions, and technical documentation.

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