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Diane has a BA in education, and currently works as an article writer for Themewriters.com as well as Texbroker.com. Diane is a very proficient writer with exemplary grammar. She loves reading and writing. She has experience in writing a large variety of SEO articles and web copy. Diane is one of the top writers at Themewriters.com and consistently gets excellent feedback on her articles. Eye-catching articles and emotional content are her specialty.


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  • Medical100+
  • Travel20+
  • Insurance20+
  • Health10+
  • Outdoor/Recreation10+
  • Beauty6
  • Garden6

Summary of Industry Experience


Diane has written many articles and web copy for dentists. Some have been for Utah Smile Care and Moreno Valley Dentist. Others have been for dentists in a general area, such as "South Jordan Dentists," or "Dentists American Fork." Diane has also written articles about home health care, gout and dry feet.


Diane has written many articles about various places to travel. She has written articles about things to do in Las Vegas, NV and things to do in New York, NY. The most frequent articles she has written about travel are about encouraging people to visit a Maui Bed and Breakfast inn. She helps them imagine how a Maui Bed and Breakfast inn will guarantee an unforgettable Hawaiian vacation.


Diane has written many articles about auto, business, life, home, and boat insurance. These articles are focused on the savings and information aspect of insurance. She has written informational articles about all types of business insurance.


Diane has written a variety of articles on home health care, assisted living, gout, and cracked feet. She has discusses how to find the best type of home care for a loved one amid all the stress that falls to the caregiver. She has written informational articles about gout and cracked feet also. Her articles on assisted living show a new concept in assisted living for the elderly.


Diane has written many articles about the benefits of owning Utah cabin property. These articles describe how owning cabin property can reduce stress from work and the city. They also remind people how many fun recreational activities can be shared by families who own Utah cabin property.


Diane has written articles about the benefits of plasic surgery, breast augmentation, and cosmetic surgery. Her articles discuss the many benefits to those who wish they could change some things about their body and gain a better self image.


Diane has written articles helping people see the benefits of raised garden beds. These articles focus on garden production, efficiency, and convenience for the gardener. She has also written about outdoor furniture and the variety of furniture available for any outdoor living space.

Product Projects

  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience


Diane has written many articles on a large variety of subjects, including (but not limited to) home health care, plastic surgery, Utah cabin property, Maui bed and breakfast inns, things to do in Las Vegas, shop heaters, various types of insurance, alarm and security systems, payday loans, dentists (of all kinds), wisdom teeth, shop heaters, dental implants, bathroom remodeling, blister packaging, lawyers, project managment, Santa letters, Christmas plays, latent semantic indexing, outdoor furniture, gardens, furniture, carpet cleaning and things to do in New York.

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