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Kenneth earned his bachelor's degree (cum laude) in psychology from DePaul University in Chicago. Along with being a professional freelance writer in recent years, Kenneth has been involved in blogs, forums, copyediting, academic research, volunteering, academic counseling, intelligence and achievement testing, personality assessment, and psychological report writing.

Recent articles in freelance writing have been in the areas of business, marketing, medicine, literature, insurance, travel, linguistics, economics, music, and wellness. Kenneth is a versatile writer who feels comfortable composing how-to pieces and top-ten lists, or extended and well-researched articles on nutrition, the US economy and healthcare. Kenneth has written for numerous other content writing websites and is experienced in SEO.


Economics, healthcare, business management, law and insurance.


Geopolitics, nutrition, literature, psychology and statistics.


DePaul University

Cum Laude.


50 Projects Completed

I have written dozens of articles on insight selling and enhancing customer value. I have also been involved with projects that deal with B2B marketing.


50 Projects Completed

I am an experienced writer when it comes to nutrition, herbalism and translating complex medical findings into easily-understandable language.


50 Projects Completed

I have written dozen of articles on common diseases and disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and ADHD.


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