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Zachary has worked full-time as a freelance writer since mid-2007, creating hundreds of articles on a wide range of subjects. His writings cover topics such as computing, electronics, energy, the environment, finance, education and marketing, among others. He learned about the many intricacies of SEO-based writing and website promotion while working for a marketing firm based in Denver. His writing skills improved significantly each year as he learned to avoid passive phrases and identify the best informational resources.

Zachary also created a number of product reviews in recent years, primarily covering electronics and computer accessories. He produced dozens of news articles based upon press releases, statistics and reports from non-profit organizations. Other works have included product descriptions, promotional text, newsletters, instructional booklets, travel guides, summaries and lists of tips. He always thoroughly proofreads every article and spends the amount of time necessary to create high-quality, informative content.

After completing high school, Zachary attended a community college. He successfully completed courses such as "Technical Writing" and "College Writing." During and shortly after college, he bought and resold many items through Internet auctions. Products like cameras, camera accessories, portable radios, computer keyboards, computer software and books sold well. His other significant non-writing skills include editing, photography, repairing household items and website creation.


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Search Marketing

While working for a marketing firm based in Denver, Zachary created many articles on the subject of SEO and related search marketing topics like PPC and paid inclusion. Some of these articles appeared on SEOWhiteHats.com. His writing skills were not as advanced at the time, but he did learn about SEO concepts like keyword density, search-friendly titles and META tags in the process. He also has experience with link-building and optimizing his own websites for search engines.


Zachary has reviewed a variety of electronics for Yahoo! and various other websites. They include shortwave and weather radios, electronic organizers, computers and computer accessories (such as modems). He also has experience buying and selling a variety of electronics through eBay. Zachary is the author of several short guides to complex multiband radio receivers, such as the "Sonnet 181P Radio Usage, Repair & Maintenance Guide."

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Zachary has written articles on a wide range of subjects for many different companies.

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