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Experienced SEO writer who has been writing for SEO companies and working directly with clients for 7 years. Knowledgeable in many areas and willing to do the necessary research to write well in any area assigned.

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Nicholas does freelance for different SEO companies.


Nicholas is an avid sports fan. He has blogged extensively for the website Midwestsportsfans.com. Sports is one of his true passions and he feels some of his best writing is on that topic.


Nicholas writes for SEO companies as a freelance writer. Health is one of the main topics that he's asked to write about.


Nicholas has a B.A. in Music Performance.

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Blog Post

Nicholas has extensive experience blogging for various entertainment websites. His most recent work was completed for the website Liveforlivemusic.com. It was a listicle about rules for musicians that want to sit in. It actually gained a lot of traction and was shared widely throughout multiple social media platforms.


Various articles requested as a freelance writer about various topics like home repair, health and countless other topics.

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