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Teri S. is an award-winning writer, news and commercial copy anchor, journalist and Public Relations Specialist who knows how to capture readers' attention -- for your website, in and out-of-house publications, broadcast messages and everything in between. She will assist you in converting interest into inquiries that bring traffic to your business. You want to sell products and services? Ask Teri!

Having spent many years in "the biz," Teri is a well-trained and experienced news reporter, editor, producer, anchor, copywriter, program host (radio, television and printed publications) and Public Relations Specialist. Her seasoned background is useful in the acts of reporting, writing, editing, proofreading and research.

As a writer and editor for private clients and public websites, she provides and reviews page copy, broadcast media copy, newsletters, blog and social media posts, email blasts, articles and "infotainment." Teri's tenure as a Public Relations Specialist brings skill to the art of promotions, marketing and publicity.

Teri always aims to please! These are words from satisfied clients:

"Hi Teri, it was a pleasure having you write such a great article. I had already added you to the Love List just after I finished reading the piece. I will definitely be keeping in contact. Thank you so much!"

"Great work. I hope to hire you again soon."

"Thank you so much for the excellent work and quick turn around. Much appreciated."

"Thanks for the prompt turnaround and quality content. Awesome!"

"Teri, you do great work, thanks!"

"Thank you for the time and research you did on this project. It's exactly what I needed. I look forward to our next collaboration together."

"Excellent work - thank you!"
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Want some good press? Need well-written information to place on a website? Need biographies and other pages edited for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and all-around professionalism? Need help with creating pieces for a promo pack? Teri brings these promotional and public relations elements to the table:

Blogs, press releases, newsletters, articles, biographies, website content, publicity pieces, fliers, calendars, catalogs, posters, displays, memes, hashtag campaigns, direct mail, email copy, and …

• Broadcast copy (radio and television)
• Articles for in-house or private publications and the Internet
• Social media posts
• Search Engine Optimization
• Company promotion and publicity
• Marketing strategies (top, mid and bottom level funnel) and segmentation review/advice
• Business-to-business (B2B) copy for new and existing companies to create enhanced opportunities
• Customer service and public relations advice

SEO is important! Businesses strive to be on the first pages of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. The first two sentences under the business link must stand out so that the would-be customer finds the important information needed to enter the site. Business websites must then follow through with solutions that will ultimately urge the user to take that most important step; the call to action. From top funnel to mid funnel to the bottom end, Teri S. brings it all together.


Teri S. is an "old school" journalist; trained to follow the standard five "Ws" (and H). She's dedicated to fact-finding and absolutely LOVES words! Teri is a musician, animal-lover, reader, sometime-gardener, communicator, editor and life-long learner. She volunteers her public relations/communications and musical expertise to her local senior center, humane society and various 501(c)(3) organizations. Teri’s interests are varied; they include (but are not limited to):

• Music (singing, creating, writing, performing, etc.)
• Literature
• Animals (she is a multi-cat parent)
• Puzzles
• Art/photography
• Travel
• Sports (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, figure skating etc.)
• Theater, movies, “old” television shows
• Spun and blown glass, vintage Barbie dolls and accessories, records, Rubber Ducks
• American history


The Ohio State University

Teri S. further honed her love of words at the Ohio State University. Writing, reporting, reading and communication are life-long passions.


4,711 Projects Completed

Teri S. is a huge baseball fan and she absolutely loves football, basketball and hockey -- many other sports too! Is it time for the World Series? March Madness? College Bowl Season? The Stanley Cup? The Olympics? Yes, she is the "armchair quarterback," "umpire," "referee," and "judging panel." Teri writes current sports pieces and informational articles.


300 Projects Completed

"Growing Season" varies from state to state but one thing is for certain: preparation, planting and proper maintenance for grasses, flowers, fruits, vegetables and grains are imperative for successful yards, gardens or crop fields. Teri S. has written private and publicly-published agricultural pieces for various climates.


200 Projects Completed

Teri S. has written many articles for eHow Home & Garden, SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle) and HubPages. She enjoys researching and writing about plants, trees, flowers, herbs, shrubs and greenery. Teri and her husband live on five acres of land with several vegetable, vine and flower gardens.


105 Projects Completed

Teri S. understands what people want to hear and what they want others to hear; this concept creates the correct paths for developing marketing strategies. These strategies include:

• Blog posts, newsletters, hashtag campaigns, social media posts, posters, fliers, memes, radio and TV copy, press releases, website content, email blasts, advertorials and more
• Engaging (top-funnel) copy that brings customer interest
• Targeted (mid-funnel) content that describes, educates and entices potential buyers toward the products they need
• Persuasive (bottom-funnel) “calls to action”
• Costs Per Click review (CPC)

Whether a business sells items, services or something else, each marketing plan must be unique and tailor-made. First and foremost is the concept and execution of excellent customer service; patrons want to be heard!


53 Projects Completed

Animated cartoons, old toys and books from childhood, drive-in movies -- just name it! For those who enjoy a nostalgic look at their youth, Teri S. creates intriguing, engaging articles to kick up the "memory dust."


47 Projects Completed

Traveling out of the country can be a confusing experience for people who've not done it at all, or have only gone to a few places that are "American-esque." Teri S. offers detailed insights from her own traveling experiences (in articles and travel sites). Because most travel experiences have a mix of "good" and "bad," Teri can promote the good and play down (or ignore) the bad, depending on whether the piece is promotional or informational. Excellently-written travel blogs and articles require more than merely providing a rundown of where to eat and what sites to see.

Travelers/readers must be able to visualize themselves in any particular situation that may arise. Tourists who understand the culture and overall economic climate of their destinations, especially in foreign countries, will be better prepared for what will hopefully be an enjoyable trip. Comprehension is the key! Depending on specific topics and needs, the blog or article would contain information about hotels, customer service, food and beverage service, beaches, safety and security, items to pack (and what to leave at home), and what to expect at airports when traveling outside the United States.

Teri S. and her husband have done a lot of traveling -- starting with a honeymoon in Australia (visiting Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback desert/Alice Springs, Sydney and other areas "Down Under"). They have traveled every year (or several years) since then. In addition to areas across the United States -- including major cities of New Orleans, San Diego, Las Vegas, Boston, New York and Chicago -- Teri and Jeffrey have visited the Caribbean and Mexico; Cozumel, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas and Curacao. Because of these varied experiences, Teri understands and, more importantly, is able to convey her experiences and research on various cultures, methods of hospitality and expectations to the would-be traveler.


37 Projects Completed

Teri S. loves designer goods; knowing the difference between "real" and "fake" is important for consumers who purchase items from the internet. Teri has written articles for private clients on specific designer purses, handbags, sunglasses and accessories.


26 Projects Completed

Teri S. is a singer, writer, lyricist, arranger of harmonies and "gun for hire" who also has many hours of studio recording experience. She has produced or co-produced many (of her own) local cover bands and musical endeavors; from small acoustic projects to full bands (five or more pieces). Teri is a lead singer, promoter, "front person," and the "gal with the amazing pipes."


12 Projects Completed

One size does NOT fit all; what looks great on one person may look terrible on someone else. Teri S. enjoys creating articles geared for helping ladies (and guys, too!) choose the best colors, fabrics and patterns to suit individual needs.


4,987 Projects Completed

Teri S. writes engaging copy for products and services. She uses imaginative words and phrases to help clients sell, sell, sell!

Press Release

303 Projects Completed

Promoting products and services with enthusiasm; Teri S. gets it done. She uses active verbs and short but descriptive sentences. Quotes are written exactly as received or edited to better articulate the speaker's information. Each press release is specifically tailored for the promotional needs of the item or service.

Radio Spot

301 Projects Completed

Teri S. spent many years on the air and behind the scenes in radio; she writes commercial copy for 30 and 60 second spots. Radio is an effective medium for information and product/service advertising.

Newsletter Content

300 Projects Completed

Newsletters must gain the reader's attention, right from the start. Teri S. writes informational newsletters with a touch of intimacy and, sometimes, humor. The tone of each piece depends on the topic, content and the client's targeted goal.

Web Page

73 Projects Completed

Strong, engaging content is absolutely imperative for a company's home and inside web pages. Teri S. writes and edits copy for all web projects.

Facebook Post

50 Projects Completed

Social media is an important advertising tool in today's marketing world. Teri creates, casual yet informative posts that get people thinking.

Twitter Post

50 Projects Completed

Quick and to the point; short messages with fewer distractions are effective for businesses. Teri S. Twitters like a bird!

Product Description

28 Projects Completed

Describing products with an air of promotion is an important part of sales. Teri brings imagery to the process.

Email Copy

27 Projects Completed

Because product and service messages are usually directed to one's email spam folder, creating informative "blasts" is an art form; readers will only glance at the first sentence or two before deciding on whether to continue or "trash" it. Teri S. produces strong, intriguing lead sentences that pique reader interest.

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