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Published three times in "Short, Fast, and Deadly," and once apiece in "Jersey Devil Press" and "Flash Fiction Online"
Writing for The Content Authority since April, of 2011

He offers solid content and strong copywriting skills


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Industry Projects

  • Fashion10+
  • Pets10+
  • Sports10+
  • Health7
  • Travel5
  • Food5
  • Garden3
  • Outdoor/Recreation3
  • Music2
  • Humor1

Summary of Industry Experience


Although Kenyon does not consider himself a fashion maven, unless second-hand jeans, ripped T-shirts, and run-down boots count for something, he has managed to satisfy a few customers customers while writing about it. Enough, in fact, to pay for a life-time of second-hand Levis.


Kenyon loves animals, be it furry, feathered, or underdogs. Just throw him a leash and he will be off and running with any sort of animal article you desire. Since Kenyon pays strict attention to details, you will have no need to clean up after him either. Be it parakeet or parrot, poodle or pit bull, Kenyon loves writing about pets.


Kenyon writes about sports on his Yahoo content page, his football website, and his Squidoo page. He writes with humor and authority on all aspects of sports, and with an emphasis on personalities.


Like the cobbler with the shoes, Kenyon is more worried about your health than he is about his own. Allow him to tackle any health issue and write about it for you. In the meantime, he continues his search for healthy beer.


Kenyon possesses the ability to bring all five senses into play within the theater of travel writing. Some people will say what they mean, but Kenyon says what he sees, and he says it with a unique and vivid voice. Whether it is travel accommodations, beaches, deserts or ruins, Kenyon will capture the experience as with a camera, or paint it as with a brush.


Before becoming a writer full time, Kenyon managed restaurants for years. Kenyon can bring you into a restaurant, seat you, hand out menus, and have you mentally carving turkey or slicing tender strips of steak before you have left the text and headed for the restaurant. He cannot promise group rates for articles however.


Kenyon became a serious gardner after writing a series of articles on how to have a beautiful yard for the summer. Kenyon knocked out several articles on the topic despite the fact that his yard looked less like a backyard, and more like a wrecking yard. He began to take his own advice and today enjoys a thriving, lush back garden enjoyed by pets, butterflies, gophers, and himself.


Kenyon has spent a lifetime getting away from it all. Each brilliant escape led to a happy return, and Kenyon is only too happy to write about the moments, as well as the weeks.Sometimes Kenyon desires to stay inside and lounge, but his dog insists upon exploration as a way of life.


Kenyon writes songs and writes about songs. He can transition seamlessly between genres whether writing music or writing about a music style. In particular he enjoys jazz, folk, fifties rock and roll, classic rock and punk.


Kenyon writes for the quirky Everton Fanzine, "Speke from the Harbour," as well as the the Everton match reports from his own website. His short story, "Space Creature Versus Earth Creature" was published by "Jersey Devil Press"

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