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Sharon T. has been writing professionally since 2007, satisfying many clients who choose her services time and again for their writing needs. She consistently writes promotional copy, articles, blog posts and other writing types for clients.

Sharon's publishing credits include Animal Wellness magazine, three social science encyclopedias and websites in the fields of health, beauty and travel. Her day-to-day writing career involves ghostwriting for small to large businesses, covering a range of content and copy needs.

Through an education in the social sciences, Sharon learned top-notch research skills and the ability to reach a specific target audience. She prides herself on her attention to detail and her aptitude for connecting with the reader.


Sharon has a master's degree in sociology, a bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology/sociology and certifications in health and fitness. During her studies, she took numerous writing courses, performed scholarly writing in her field and edited college publications. She performs continuing education in writing and digital marketing.

Her career has taken her in different directions, including into the health industry, but she ultimately settled down into a career in writing because it has always been her main passion in life. While she tried other interests, she always found a way to incorporate writing into her pursuits. Because she has a never-ending passion for writing, she commits herself to continually learning and growing in the field.

Some of Sharon's clients shared the following comments about her writing services:

"Your article was well-written and required minimal editing, which was greatly appreciated...great job! Thanks for your hard work."

"This is better than I expected, thank you."

"I have used Sharon for several of my projects and she has proven to be professional and reliable. I will continue to refer others her way and will continue to use her in the future."

"This is actually VERY good, we are impressed!"

"Best article I've received here."
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Sharon specializes in writing about products, travel, food and health, including holistic health and science-based alternative health.

Her specialty is to write content that follows inbound marketing principles, such as pillar and cluster pages, opt-in content, SEO content and the like.


Reading, movies, cooking/baking, creative writing, craft projects, nature, yoga, meditation, family time


Stockton University (formerly Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)

Sharon studied different cultures, as well as sociological and cultural concepts, research techniques and theory. She completed courses in numerous social science specialties.

In relation to writing, Sharon took writing courses toward this degree and had a focus on writing in sociology and anthropology courses. She also interviewed people and included their comments in writing projects.

Florida Atlantic University

Sharon studied groups, work and corporations, social movements, aging, inequality, the self and many other areas. Her studies also extended into other social science specialties.

As a graduate teaching assistant, she planned the curriculum for and taught two undergraduate sociology classes. She also performed research and grading for professors.


1,475 Projects Completed

Health writing is one of Sharon's main specialties as a freelance writer. She has written an abundance of informational articles for major health websites. She also writes content for health professionals, including chiropractors and dentists.

Sharon self-published an eBook on healthy weight loss and ghostwrote both a specialty diet cookbook and a chapter for a medical book. Sharon is very familiar with health terminology and industry resources, so she is comfortable writing pieces in this industry.

Sharon was a Certified Yoga Teacher who taught yoga at a large-scale gym and for private clients. She is a Reiki (energy healing) Master who holds a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition. Sharon worked for a hospice for three years, where she learned an abundance about the medical industry and was very involved in the company's complementary and alternative health program.

She writes on the following health specialties:

-Senior health/elder care
-Natural and alternative health
-Medical topics
-Drug and alcohol addiction and treatment
-Weight loss
-Dental health
-Yoga and meditation


448 Projects Completed

Sharon has degrees and expertise in the social sciences. She has a Master of Arts degree in sociology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in cultural anthropology and sociology. Toward these degrees, she took courses in additional social science disciplines including psychology, philosophy, language, religion, history, women's studies and social work.

Sharon created the curriculum for and taught two semesters of a college sociology course as a graduate teaching assistant, for which she received an award for excellence in teaching. Sharon was published in three social science encyclopedias and has written a few online articles on sociology topics.


351 Projects Completed

Sharon holds a Certificate in Fitness and Nutrition, and was certified as a yoga teacher. She has experience teaching yoga at a large-scale gym and for private clients, although she feels more suited to writing about fitness than teaching it. Sharon likes to stay physically active and healthy, and is passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle to others.

Sharon has written hundreds of articles on fitness for health websites and companies. Her articles cover a broad range of topics, including how to lose weight through fitness, how to practice certain exercises and how to make and follow fitness goals. Sharon's fitness writing experience also includes product descriptions, blog posts and personal trainer newsletters for a large fitness equipment company, as well as a brochure for a diet and fitness camp.


351 Projects Completed

Sharon writes articles, blog posts, web pages and other content for health care practitioners and organizations. Most of her experience in this area has been for:

-dental offices
-senior care services such as home care services and nursing homes
-addiction and mental health facilities
-agencies that provide health care marketing services


305 Projects Completed

Sharon has written about digital marketing for the blog of a marketing agency, for the WriterAccess blog and for other clients. She continues to study digital marketing practices, particularly in content marketing, SEO and inbound marketing. She has Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification, and she has been a content marketer for a decade.


294 Projects Completed

Sharon has written extensively about the signs and symptoms of various health conditions, in addition to a range of prevention and treatment options for each condition. She also writes web pages for medical professionals, and she ghostwrote a chapter in a medical book.

Sharon worked for a hospice for three years as a manager of patient care volunteers. In this role, she became very familiar with medical terminology and many types of health conditions. She also had a long-term writing contract with an addiction treatment medical facility.


226 Projects Completed

Sharon loves to cook, bake and eat. Her food writing experience focuses on all aspects of food, including its preparation and its relationship to health. She writes food-related articles and blog posts, as well as restaurant guides and advertising copy for food products. She has developed recipes for clients, and she ghostwrote a cookbook based on a specialty diet.

Sharon learned about food and beverage pairings from her time working as a coffee shop barista during college and about the cultural significance of food while working toward her degrees in cultural anthropology and sociology. She also has experience working as a restaurant server.


103 Projects Completed

Sharon has extensive experience writing product descriptions for ecommerce companies. She has written short- and long-form descriptions on an array of products including jewelry, clothing, health and beauty supplies, home decor, toys and promotional items. She has a knack for understanding the important features of a product and conveying the benefits.


63 Projects Completed

Sharon enjoys writing travel pieces on attractions in her tourist-focused state of Florida, using her first-hand experiences traveling around the state to enhance her writing. Nonetheless, her travel writing goes far beyond Florida. For real estate and travel companies, she has written guides on cities and hotels across the nation and the globe. She covers aspects of an area such as major attractions, restaurants to visit, features of a hotel, budget activities and ideas of what it's like to visit or live in a particular place.


1,628 Projects Completed

Sharon is adept at writing an article that stays on topic, organizing it with headings and transitions to help it flow for the reader. She has no problem performing research to add credibility to an article, and she can naturally include SEO keywords within the content. In addition, she is able to write in a variety of formats, including overviews, how-to articles and lists. She can also write in casual or formal tones, depending on the needs of the client.

Sharon has written over a thousand articles for numerous websites, companies and agencies, both ghostwritten and under her own byline. She can write an article on almost any topic, from marketing to natural health.

Web Page

1,233 Projects Completed

Sharon has crafted original web pages and rewritten current web page content for many businesses of all sizes. Her assignments have ranged from writing one page of content to creating or redoing an entire site. She can write main web pages like the home and about pages, as well as product pages, service pages, landing pages and web articles.

Her content has covered a wide array of products and services for a variety of business types, including chiropractic offices, roofing and painting contractors, clothing and jewelry companies, spa and meditation product companies, and drug rehabilitation facilities.

Sharon focuses on creating a page the audience can connect with that showcases the benefits of the products or services the company is offering. She can incorporate SEO practices, headings and subheadings, and calls to action into web pages.

Product Description

1,219 Projects Completed

Sharon not only writes product descriptions, but she is passionate about them. She has written countless product descriptions for catalog, retail and e-commerce companies on a wide range of products, from clothing and accessories to home decor and toys.

Sharon helps the target audience see what it would be like to own the product and how the main features of the product will benefit the owner. She can follow word count restrictions and specific style and format guidelines, or she can follow her own creative direction. She can also incorporate SEO keywords into a description and create headings, bullet lists and meta descriptions if desired.

Blog Post

1,188 Projects Completed

Sharon regularly writes blog posts to help companies with their content marketing goals. Depending on the brand and target audience, Sharon can write blog posts in a conversational way that connects with the reader or she can make them more authoritative. Sharon knows how to create a compelling title, incorporate keywords into content and develop meta descriptions and social media posts to introduce a blog post.

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