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Kate writes with a clear, concise, professional style. During a twenty-year career, she has written news articles, newsletters, brochures, e-books, ad copy and web content of all kinds. Using this experience, she writes high-quality copy for physicians, law firms, retailers, non-profit organizations, private schools and major corporations. She has covered a wide range of topics, including educational trends, Internet marketing, nutrition, career building, personal finance, home repair, gardening, gourmet cooking and travel destinations. She specializes in anything requiring research and authoritative sourcing.

Kate has a degree from Western Nevada College where she studied early childhood education and journalism. She prides herself on meticulous research and accurate, polished copy, and can write in a diverse range of styles.

At WriterAccess, Kate has earned Industry Elite status in the fields of education and gardening. This represents an expert level of writing in these areas. With an exceptionally low revision rate, and a zero percent rejection rate, Kate delivers spot-on content every time.

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As a professional writer, Kate can write on any subject and in any style. Her specialties include in-depth articles, white papers, how-to articles, unique rewrites, scholarly pieces and anything that requires precise, clear writing. She especially enjoys writing about home repair, nutrition, pets, gardening, landscaping, baking, relationships, child care, self-sufficiency, green living and compassionate elder care.


When she's not writing, Kate spends time in her garden. She likes to paint, walk her dogs, hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and spend time with her grown children.


Western Nevada College

Kate entered college right after high school and finished her degree -- with a 4.0 GPA -- after marrying and starting a family. She majored in education and minored in journalism and history.

University of Nevada - Reno

Kate took courses required for state licensing, including Math for the Elementary Teacher, Multimedia for Teachers and Legal Foundations of Education.


526 Projects Completed

Kate has a degree in early childhood education and currently works as a teacher in a Title I remediation program for third and fourth graders. She has written a ten-book science series for grade-school-aged students and a 50-chapter e-book for the parents of struggling readers.

Kate writes relevant, up-to-date content on educational topics of every kind, including educational trends, the Common Core state standards, child psychology, English as a second language, scholarship opportunities, and learning styles, to name a few.


242 Projects Completed

The best writer is a Jack of all trades. Kate combines her extensive writing experience with authoritative research to make every piece shine, even those that defy classification.


162 Projects Completed

Kate is a small-scale organic farmer and sells her organic, heirloom raspberries at a local farmers' market every summer. Over the past twenty years, she has grown everything from artichokes and gooseberries to grapes, cherries, peaches and sugar-pod peas. Using her firsthand knowledge of gardening and landscaping, she has written many unique articles about garden tools and equipment, composting, beneficial insects, orchard maintenance, hydroponics and the specific needs of individual plants.


151 Projects Completed

Kate follows currently trending healthcare topics and writes about them quickly and accurately. She writes about general nutrition, low-fat dieting, dietary supplementation, autism spectrum disorder, women's health, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, elder care, Parkinson's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, natural healing, newborn care, breastfeeding and vegetarian cooking. One of her recent ghost-written blog posts about diabetes and the importance of nutrition has received over ten thousand Facebook shares.


126 Projects Completed

As a mother and teacher, Kate has many years of firsthand experience with children. She has two grown children of her own and is currently working in a Title I remediation program with third and fourth graders. She has also worked as both a preschool teacher and a music teacher.

Kate has co-authored a newsletter for breastfeeding mothers. She has also written numerous articles about children and family life, covering such diverse topics as infant care, surviving a colicky baby, traveling with children, helping children manage their anger, child psychology, and choosing safe and educational toys. She has also reviewed nursery furniture and equipment.


113 Projects Completed

As a small-business owner, Kate understands both personal and business taxes, accounting procedures, record keeping, credit management, and applying for and re-financing loans and mortgages. She has written about accounting software systems, the Heartbleed vulnerability, IRS publication 17, financial planning for retirement, mobile banking apps and many other banking-related topics.


113 Projects Completed

Kate writes about nutrition with passion and conviction. She knows that a balanced, natural diet is essential to good health. Using AMA citations and authoritative source materials, she has covered the raw foods movement, diabetic nutrition, diet and heart disease, vitamin supplementation, low-fat dieting, and the importance of whole grains. She has written for a local health-food journal, co-authored a newsletter for breastfeeding mothers, and has ghost written blog posts on nutritional topics that have garnered over ten thousand Facebook shares.


109 Projects Completed

As a small-business owner with a strong background in business writing, Kate has covered many business-related topics in depth, including supply chain logistics, shipping regulations, employee safety training, accounting software, combating consumer identity theft, effective website management, and e-commerce credit-card processing. She has also created business profiles for several nationally known companies.


101 Projects Completed

Kate has firsthand experience with the unique housing and dietary needs of hamsters, rats, gerbils, rabbits, horses, dogs and cats. She writes fresh, readable content about caring for aging pets, feeding wild birds, selecting pet bedding, caring for exotics, house training puppies, dog nutrition, and every other imaginable pet-related topic.

She has written many blog posts for a well-known horse-supply company and has even blogged for WriterAccess about being a pet writer:



100 Projects Completed

Kate is an experienced financial writer. She owns a successful small business, has put two kids through college and understands the ins and outs of mortgages, investments, interests rates, eCommerce billing practices, supply chain outsourcing, accounting software, and investments in R&D and fixed assets.

She has written articles and blog posts on eCommerce credit-card processing, how to pay off a mortgage, managing personal finances, investing in a 401K, how to streamline bill paying, how to finance a college education and many more finance-related topics.


85 Projects Completed

Kate is an accomplished home cook and enjoys sharing her skills with beginners. She can quickly and accurately describe cooking, canning and baking techniques of all kinds, and can tailor those instructions to beginning, intermediate or advanced-level cooks. She has written articles and blog posts about unique slow-cooker recipes, cookies and cakes, candies for the holidays, heart-healthy cooking, home canning, baking with whole grains, quick lunch-box pleasers and many, many more.


80 Projects Completed

As a teacher, Kate enjoys writing career-guidance pieces. She has written numerous articles about specific career choices, usually covering the educational requirements, scholarship opportunities, training and licensing requirements, future job market and salary expectations of that career path. She has also written about job hunting, career advancement, and creating a professional resume.


76 Projects Completed

For many years, Kate worked in the metallurgical lab of North America's largest manufacturer of tungsten carbide. She continues to have ties with those in manufacturing and shipping, and has covered all aspects of the industry, from production to supply chain operations to employee safety training.


48 Projects Completed

Having traveled to many resort areas -- including Reno, Tahoe, Las Vegas, Portland, and San Francisco -- Kate can describe some of the more out-of-the-way attractions that these places offer. She has written web content about many specific cities as well as must-see tourist sites like the Stone Zoo Christmas Lights show and the Smithsonian Institute. She also enjoys writing general travel articles covering topics such as cruise-ship safety, traveling with a handicapped loved one and how to stretch your money while vacationing on a budget.


44 Projects Completed

Kate lives in a farming community and has firsthand experience with agriculture, irrigation, the dairy industry and horses. She has written about horse care and equipment, greenhouse construction, hydroponics, drip irrigation and many other agriculture-related topics.


35 Projects Completed

Kate is an experienced craft writer. The craft-related articles she has written include using a hot-glue gun safely, making wreathes and home decor, altering your own clothes, creating a Halloween cat cake, designing holiday cards, the lost art of letter writing and even the craft of gunsmithing!


28 Projects Completed

Kate has written numerous articles on car-related topics. If the topic is unfamiliar, she will conduct whatever research is needed to ensure that her copy is accurate and factual. She has written about new car reviews, traffic safety equipment, child safety seats, car insurance and state-specific DUI laws. She has also written humorous blog posts about the joys of RV-ing.


22 Projects Completed

Humor is the subtle art of surprise. Try too hard, and your readers are rolling their eyes. Don't try hard enough, and they're yawning. Take them -- at the very last moment -- in that totally unexpected direction, however, and you get belly laughs.


14 Projects Completed

Kate was commissioned to write a business profile for a large, nationally recognized pharmaceutical company. She also has a background in natural health and has written numerous articles about nutritional supplements and deficiency-related diseases for a health food newsletter and for various natural health websites.

Blog Post

451 Projects Completed

Kate writes blog posts with a friendly, contemporary voice. Her posts can be serious, educational, informative or simply funny. Some of her ghost-written work has earned more than ten thousand Facebook shares.

She has blogged on subjects as diverse as RV-ing, scholarships, dental care, natural foods, bird baths, food storage and gardening. She looks forward to using her talent to make your blog shine.

Kate has been chosen to write for the WriterAccess blog more than fifty times. One of her posts, "When 'Working from Home' Means Leaving Home," was picked as "Blog Post of the Month" in the very first WriterAccess Newsletter.


347 Projects Completed

Your content is wasted unless someone reads it. Kate writes strong, compelling, readable articles. She prides herself on meticulous research, appropriate attribution and unique content.

Kate has written articles about home maintenance, career choices, marketing strategies, child care and home finances. Her past article titles include "The Ultimate Twitter Guide," "Streamline Your Social Media Campaign," "Diet and Dental Health," "Whole Wheat Flour" and many, many more.

White Paper

38 Projects Completed

White papers require a clear, authoritative voice. They must help the reader solve a problem, understand an important issue or reach a decision.

Kate writes white papers that are succinct, readable and accurate. She has produced white papers on numerous and diverse topics and will happily conduct any research necessary to ensure that your white papers are accurate and professional.

Newsletter Content

25 Projects Completed

Kate writes newsletters that are both accurate and approachable. She has written newsletters for the insurance and health food industry, and has also co-authored a newsletter for breastfeeding mothers.


14 Projects Completed

Kate has written a science journal series for grade-school children. Each journal in the series included an introduction to the scientific method, age-appropriate reading selections about the specific topic, and hands-on experiments to augment the learning experience.

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