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Shondra has more than six years of experience creating copy for a large number of online clients. In addition, she has written multiple articles for local magazines and newspapers.


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Industry Projects

  • Health500+
  • Bio/Pharm500+
  • Medical500+
  • Appliance100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Women100+
  • Career100+
  • Insurance50+
  • Green Living50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Most of the articles that this writer has written about health issues are varied in subject matter. They include topics, such as dentistry, acne, erectile dysfunction, breast augmentation psoriasis, dual diagnosis treatments and mental disorders. The writer also has over 10 years of experience working for a Medicare contractor, and her bachelor’s degree is in biology.


All of the articles written on pharmaceutical topics have been for online clients. Some of the articles contained specific keywords at a given density for search engine optimization. Many of the articles were on pharmaceutical treatments for specific conditions, such as obesity or diabetes. This writer's undergraduate degree is in biology. In addition, she has three years of laboratory research experience.


Most of this writer's medical compositions have been written for online article brokers and private clients. The subject matters include a wide variety of medical procedures and conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, cosmetic surgery, acne, pediatric health issues, eye conditions, psoriasis treatments and co-morbidity. The pieces are generally well researched and informative.


This writer's experience writing content about appliances has been gained working for online clients. Most of the content ranged between 400 and 650 words. The articles included topics, such as dishwashers, water softeners, HVAC systems, washing machines and dryers. Instructional content with helpful information, such as troubleshooting, was often produced, along with indications of the need for repair.


The writer has written fashion articles for a local magazine. In addition, she has compiled several fashion articles and blogs for online article brokers and other clients. The subject matter of the content included hair shows, nail art and fashion trends. Special fashion developments, such as permanent makeup, were also explored.


As a woman, this writer is able to write women's articles from a personal perspective. She has written multiple articles for online clients on this subject matter. Most relate to women’s health issues, fashion and parenting. Word counts for the articles usually ranged between 200 and 650 words per blog or article.


This writer has written articles of various lengths that focused on specific careers, as well as job searching and recruiting. Many of the pieces were instructional to help job candidates be more competitive in the workforce. The writer has years of managerial experience that enhance the content she produces in this area.


This writer has over 10 years of experience working for a Medicare contractor. She investigated Medicare fraud and managed a claims processing department. Most of her insurance compositions have been produced for online clients. Topics include car insurance, life insurance and health insurance. Each composition was designed to offer valuable information to the readers and improve the internet visibility of the client.

Green Living

Most of the articles this writer has written about environmental issues were composed for online clients. They included subject matters such as carbon footprints, green events, green living and green conferences. The articles were often designed to improve ecological awareness and give people practical steps to help lessen carbon footprints.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post500+
  • Product Description100+

Summary of Product Experience


Most articles were written for clients through online brokers and other online clients, but some have been published in local newspapers or magazines. Subject matters are extremely varied and include health, inspiration, diet, education, appliances, animals and spirituality. Article lengths usually varied between 150 to 1200 words, and content value was always important.

Blog Post

Most blog posts written by this writer were submitted to clients through online brokers. They include subjects such as parenting, real estate, law and health issues. The writer has produced some additional blog content for nonprofit sites that focuses on religious issues. The tone of the articles, whether casual or professional, was based on the needs of the client.

Product Description

The writer has worked with multiple clients to produce product descriptions. Products included office supplies, furnishings and home decorations. Each description was set at a desired word-count, and adherence to specific instructions concerning format was often required. The writer easily met customer expectations and produced quality product descriptions that encouraged potential buyers to make a purchase.

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