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Kristen has been a freelance writer for five years and has a proven track record of providing clients with high-quality web copy, articles, blog posts, and product descriptions. Her work has appeared on the websites of several major national brands, many small business blogs, and in print newsletters and mailings. Kristen is well versed in the latest SEO practices and writes with a clear style, while incorporating keywords and sticking tightly to client requirements. She takes the time to fully understand what a client is looking for and is committed to delivering top-notch content for every order.


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Kristen F's Fitness Industry Experience

82 Projects Completed

Kristen is a strong believer in the importance of fitness, and she brings that passion to her work in the industry. She has hands-on experience in many of the most popular fitness activities, including spinning, yoga, and Pilates. Her writing on the topic is clear and compelling, and her goal is to motivate individuals to take an active interest in their own fitness.

Industry Projects

  • Finance1,000+
  • Banking500+
  • Real Estate500+
  • Health500+
  • Home Living500+
  • Other100+
  • Education100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Tax100+
  • Kids/Family100+
  • Food100+
  • Medical100+
  • Craft100+
  • Marketing100+
  • Office100+
  • Garden100+
  • Nutrition100+
  • Fitness50+
  • Green Living50+
  • Spirituality50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Personal finance is Kristen's favorite topic to write about, although she can also write about business finance. In particular, she is interested in budgeting, credit scoring, managing debt, and making wise financial choices. Her writing style in this industry is very approachable, while maintaining a high attention to detail and accuracy. She has written about many topics in this industry, including debt, investing, retirement, taxes, budgeting, and tracking financial data.


Kristen writes about banking from the consumer side, particularly in the area of borrowing money from banks through credit cards and a variety of loan products. She understands the process of applying to borrow money from a bank and how people can increase their chances of qualifying for loan products. She is also familiar with types of bank accounts and how to help consumers choose the right ones for their needs.

Real Estate

Kristen grew up hearing about real estate at the dinner table, so this is a major topic of interest for her. She loves exploring homes, looks at floor plans as a hobby, and is especially knowledgeable about the process of buying, selling, and financing real estate. She writes about staging a home for sale, making improvements to real estate, obtaining and refinancing mortgages, and other related topics. She has also written home descriptions for real estate advertisements.


Kristen takes a holistic approach to health and especially enjoys writing about natural remedies and how diet and exercise can improve health. She believes that being active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and her favorite activities to write about include swimming, cycling, running, and (fittingly) triathlons. Her experience in this industry includes writing blog posts for medical practices, including chiropractors, audiologists, dentists, and optometrists.

Home Living

Kristen takes pride in her personal role as a hands-on home living expert, and she brings this passion and experience to her writing in the area. She has written about home improvements, home decor, and all sorts of entertaining. Themed parties are her specialties, and her latest project at home was throwing a monster-themed birthday party for her daughter.


Kristen loves taking on interesting projects that don't fit into the usual industry categories. She has written short biographies for businesspeople, web copy for niche industries, and even the postcard text for a family announcing their recent move. If a project doesn't fit into the usual boxes, Kristen is always happy to have it end up in her inbox.


Kristen writes about many topics related to education, but she has specific experience in the topic of applying to and paying for college. She is knowledgeable about the FAFSA and all types of financial aid available for college in the United States, including Pell Grants, Direct Loans, private student loans, institutional aid, and scholarships. She writes guides targeted at parents and students who have questions about the financial aid process.


Kristen's work in the insurance industry mostly relates to the intricacies of auto insurance policies, although she also has some experience with home, health, and life insurance. She helps consumers understand what is involved in these policies, how they can determine their insurance needs, and what strategies they can use to reduce their premiums.


Kristen writes about personal taxes, including the vast array of tax deductions and tax credits available in the United States. She has written many articles helping individuals understand how to prepare their own tax returns and get the largest possible refund back. She has personal experience with filing taxes for a small business and can write about this process as well.


Kristen has worked with children for over 10 years and studied childhood development in college. She is interested in educating parents about ways to raise happy, healthy kids. As a parent of a toddler, she understands the audience for these subjects, so her writing is packed with information while remaining easy for busy parents to read and understand. She has also written web copy and SEO descriptions for major national toy brands.


Kristen has been cooking for her family for more than 10 years and always enjoys trying new recipes. She has written food articles for several major brands, including Hidden Valley. She has a vast knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques and specializes in healthy vegetarian cuisine. She can develop a recipe for just about any dish and explain it so cooks of any skill level will feel comfortable preparing it.


Kristen has written blog posts for many medical professionals, including chiropractors, midwives, audiologists, dentists, and optometrists. She appreciates the challenge of explaining complex medical topics in a way that the average person would be able to understand and relate to. Her writing is clear and concise, while maintaining a friendly tone and an attention to detail and accuracy that is critical in the industry.


Kristen has worked with young children for over 10 years and specializes in coming up with ideas for creative craft projects for children. She enjoys developing projects that truly engage children in the process of creating, while sliding in some learning on the side. She believes that arts and crafts are critical to the development of children, and that they should be an integral part of education at home and in schools.


Kristen's marketing work has been mostly related to online marketing, in particular through Facebook and Twitter. She is active on these networks and has a sharp understanding of how individuals interact with businesses. Her work has included guides for getting started on these sites and tips for how to use social media effectively. She has also done some work related to more traditional forms of marketing.


Kristen understands the nuts and bolts of offices, and her work spans a wide array of topics in the industry. She has written about managing work flow in office environments, cutting costs and reducing waste, and even throwing memorable office parties. Kristen has also written product descriptions for office supplies.


Kristen has five years of vegetable gardening experience and writes primarily about landscaping, planting and caring for a vegetable garden. You can find lots of lettuce and kale in her garden because they grow so quickly, but she also has experience with all of the usual suspects, including tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, beans, peas, and herbs. She has written detailed planting guides and more general gardening advice appropriate for beginning to intermediate gardeners.


Kristen is very knowledgeable on nutritional needs and her writing on this topic has focused largely on how to use specific healthy ingredients in making balanced meals. She has also written articles about the nutritional benefits of foods and supplements. She focuses on the actual medical research behind nutritional trends and helps individuals understand how they can eat healthier meals and snacks.


Kristen is a strong believer in the importance of fitness, and she brings that passion to her work in the industry. She has hands-on experience in many of the most popular fitness activities, including spinning, yoga, and Pilates. Her writing on the topic is clear and compelling, and her goal is to motivate individuals to take an active interest in their own fitness.

Green Living

Kristen has a deep understanding of the reasons for and implications of green living, plus plenty of hands-on experience with the details. She crafts compelling arguments for sustainable practices, including recycling, buying local products, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals. Her experience includes writing blog posts, informational articles, and sales copy.


Kristen is a follower of Jesus Christ and is very involved in her church. She also worked full-time with a non-profit Christian organization for one year. She has written Bible study curriculum and devotional guides for children and adults. Kristen also loves combining this interest with her experience in personal finance to talk about financial stewardship from a Christian perspective.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Web Page500+
  • Product Description100+
  • Newsletter Content100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Kristen's skill as a blogger is seen in her ability to engage readers in a topic from the very first sentence. She has blogged for a wide range of companies, including banks, marketing agencies, medical offices, home improvement contractors, and home living stores. She incorporates keywords into the text to increase search engine visibility and writes content directed at the targeted audience of the blog. Her posts are informative and have a voice appropriate for the audience, which ranges from comical to technical, depending on the blog.


Much of Kristen's work experience has been in writing short articles of 200 to 1,000 words. She researches the topic, using client-recommended resources if applicable, and crafts the information into a compelling and accurate article. She puts her own spin on the topic, bringing her understanding of the subject to consolidate and comment on the facts.

Web Page

Kristen has written web pages for many types of companies, including full websites for a roofing company, a merchant processing service company, and a property management company. She digs deep to understand what a company's strengths are so she can accurately express them in writing. Kristen is very experienced with incorporating keywords to improve SEO for web pages, and she can write titles and meta descriptions for each page.

Product Description

Kristen writes brief and compelling product descriptions for a wide range of industries. She takes the time to understand the unique benefits of the product, thinks about the intended audience, and crafts a description that will appeal to the audience. Her descriptions can also incorporate SEO keywords for maximum effectiveness.

Newsletter Content

As the volunteer editor of her neighborhood newsletter, Kristen has hands-on experience with what makes a compelling newsletter article. She has helped many clients create compelling newsletter articles that people will not only read, but also find value in. She enjoys ongoing newsletter projects so she can develop a consistent and friendly voice that recipients come to recognize and trust.

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