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Nannette R is an accomplished writer with nearly 10-years’ experience writing for an online audience. She has worked for several online media companies and a variety of private clients writing blog posts, website content and informational or educational materials geared toward both novice and advanced readers. Articles with her byline have appeared on several education and parenting sites, such as “Modern Mom”, “Global Post Parenting”, “Livestrong”, “The Bump”, “Parenting and Motherhood “ and “”.

Nannette also has an extensive list of home and garden articles published on SF Gate, Garden Guides and a variety of home and garden sites. She has held positions as both a Featured Garden Writer and a Featured Education Writer for the Yahoo! Network, and owns her own gardening website. She is well-versed in SEO and web content.

Outside of writing content for clients, Nannette provides the content for her own gardening site, writes on several topics for and assists local businesses establish an online presence via business websites and social media. She is a published author and is currently working on several projects, including a local history book and a nature series for children.

Some things clients have said about Nannette’s work:

“Great article. We enjoyed reading it and appreciate both the depth of the information and the lightness of the tone. Thanks!”

“Wonderful article. Very interesting to read, especially about all the symbolism and stories. Thanks!”

“Great work. We appreciate your style - to the point and easy to read while flowing well from one topic to another and being entertaining - and the quality of your research.”

“Nannette is an extremely competent writer with diverse interests. I highly recommend her for writing articles, advertising copy, or ghost writing for others.”

“Nannette is a freelance writer with an eye for detail. Her work is always clean, well-written, knowledgeable and informative. I'd highly recommend her for any writing task.”

“Nannette is an accomplished freelance writer with a vast knowledge of various topics. She has written hundreds of articles on topics such as education, home and garden, family and relationships, and even the paranormal. She has a few blogs of her own, and is a published author. She is a natural writer with the ability to transform almost any topic into a fun and informative article or post.”

"Her writing is charming and sophisticated, and her tales leave you will a smile on your face.”
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Nannette is well versed in education, parenting and family relationships, children's activities and crafts, and home and garden topics. She is also adept at writing lesson plans, designing curriculum and creating teacher resources for both the regular classroom and special education settings.


Nannette has an avid interest in the natural world which has led to her passion for nature photography.

She is especially drawn to macro photography and enjoys capturing close-up images of flowers and insects, but her photographic subjects don't stop there.

As a bird lover, she also enjoys capturing these tiny creatures in action, too.

Nannette is a life-long gardener with 35 years of experience in growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. She has recently expanded her green thumb to care for berries and fruit trees, too.

She has experience in canning and preserving fruits and vegetables from her gardens.

As a former educator and parent, she is adept at writing on both educational and parenting topics.


University of Phoenix

Completed graduate level courses to meet certification requirements for both Special Education, General Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.

University of Maine/Orono

Earned a BS in Secondary Education/English in 2000.


1,594 Projects Completed

Nannette R has extensive experience as a garden writer with over 1500 articles published in the gardening field. She is a veteran gardener with 25 years experience with planting and growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in both the soil and in raised beds and containers. Her gardening articles include detailed plant descriptions, how to and instructional articles, gardening techniques, soil preparation, organic and natural garden remedies, pest control and aesthetic presentation of flower beds, planters and containers. Her work has been published on National Geographic Online, The Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate, Garden Guides and various gardening sites. In addition, she developed and implemented a curriculum for students with disabilities at the high school level to teach both academic and life skills in a greenhouse setting.


234 Projects Completed

Nannette R is a seasoned paranormal writer with over 200 published articles on a variety of paranormal topics from informational articles to inform the reader to accounts of paranormal encounters. Topics covered include ghosts, spirits, spirit communication, EVPs, ghost hunting, paranormal investigation equipment, photographing spirits, reincarnation, life after death experiences and the otherwise unexplained.


151 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published over 100 articles related to parenting and child development. These include parenting advice, normal and abnormal child behavior, parenting styles, parenting techniques, behavior modification, parenting gifted children, parenting children with disabilities, parenting teens and positive parenting styles. Her experience as teacher in both classroom and special education settings, as a mother and as a parent liaison in a Pre-K program equip her to approach parenting and family-oriented articles with ease. She also has specific coursework in parent communication, child development and education methodology.

Home Living

136 Projects Completed

Nannette enjoys the simple life in the country and often blogs about her personal experiences. Her work ranges from gardening to cooking and ways to remain frugal without sacrificing comfort and pleasure in life.


122 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published over 100 articles relating to various aspects of spirituality from traditional religious beliefs to the Law of Attraction and The Power of Positive Thinking. Topics include meditation, out of body experiences, intuition, spiritual growth, synchronicity, psychic experiences, entanglement, and spiritual awakening.


105 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published more than 100 articles about about food preparation and food safety. Topics range from cooking or baking family meals to preserving fresh foods from the home garden. She has a passion for sharing the science behind chemical and physical reactions during the cooking process. She has basic knowledge of cooking techniques and terms with an emphasis on home-cooked meals and saving time and money it the kitchen.


75 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published approximately 50 articles relating to crafts, many of which cross-over between her educational and gardening articles. Topics include garden art and garden design and educational art and craft activities for the classroom.


65 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published approximately 50 articles on various aspects of education. Her work includes lesson plans, classroom activities, writing prompts, classroom crafts, science experiments, scientific facts for kids, home school activities, classroom games, educational games and fun activities to promote learning. She is an experienced grade 8 language arts and social studies classroom teacher,a former PreK program coordinator and a former Special Education teacher for K through grade 5. She is certified in K-8 General Elementary Education, Birth to Age 5, and 7-12 English.


49 Projects Completed

Nannette's hobbies include bird watching and bird feeding, gardening and enjoying nature. She is also an experienced Scrabble player and loves word games, riddles and games that challenge the intellect. She is intrigued by the human mind and how thoughts create the reality around us. She enjoys writing about any of these topics.

Green Products

25 Projects Completed

Nannette promotes the use of natural products in the garden and enjoys learning and writing about new green products in all areas of life. Her work ranges from herbal remedies to cleaning products and garden supplies.

Green Living

25 Projects Completed

Nannette R has published approximately 25 green living articles. Many of the articles cross-over from her gardening articles. Topics include natural insecticides, natural pest control, organic fertilizers, composting and organic gardening techniques. Other topics include natural health remedies and natural skin care.


4,137 Projects Completed

Prolific article writer for a variety of online sites, both writing to a specific title or headline and generating headlines and writing articles to fit within a specific topic. Over 4,000 published articles with a readership of over 20,000,000. Over 7 years experience writing for an online audience.

Blog Post

562 Projects Completed

Nannette R is an experienced blogger, maintaining two personal blogs and one business blog. She has written blog posts for a variety of clients on a range of topics from home and garden to pets, parenting and education.

Facebook Post

85 Projects Completed

Nannette R has both professional and personal experience drafting Facebook posts on a variety of topics. She maintains several Facebook pages and posts to them regularly to engage readers and promote her work.

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