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Natalie S
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Natalie is the best choice for quality content! She meets tight deadlines, is available for large and small orders, is sensitive to SEO, and serves your unique needs. Her copywriting skills, press releases, and white papers can benefit your marketing campaign. Her blog posts, articles, and web content make your business stand out. Her research background gives her the ability to track down the details that you need to give your business the edge.

Natalie has written:
*thousands of blog posts and articles.
*hundreds of web pages.
*four ghostwritten books.
*a college textbook.
*academic pieces, including grant proposals and a journal article.

Natalie's interest in writing became apparent during her graduate school career, which included writing multiple grant and research proposals, research on functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) published in a peer-reviewed journal and a thesis on the effects of nutrition and exercise on cognitive function. During her public health internship with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Divison of Maternal and Child Health, she earned a reputation as the reliable go-to person for high-quality reports, projects and research.

Since then, Natalie has written professionally for satisfied customers ranging from one-person businesses to large corporations. Her completed work includes thousands of articles, blog posts and marketing materials. She is an expert on nutrition, health, fitness, medicine, and education. She is comfortable researching and writing about topics ranging from green living and insurance to technology, marketing, and careers. She can maximize SEO and use of keywords.

Natalie can contribute any materials that you need, including blog posts, articles, website renovations and marketing materials. She is reliable and will work with you until you are satisfied. Her work demonstrates her ability to write to individual clients' specifications for tone, length, information and resources. She can translate materials to or from Spanish.
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Natalie specializes in technical, informative writing with an authoritative and friendly tone or a more formal tone to meet your needs. Her specialities include technical articles, second-person advice pieces, blog posts that blend in with any client's blog, technology and digital media analysis and updates, client emails/cover letters and website building or rewriting.

Her education is in nutrition, public health, and food safety, and she has written extensively on careers, education and technology. She is outstanding at researching new subjects and translating complex topics into understandable information for the public. She has a strong background in many areas of science, including biology and other life sciences, physics, and earth science.


She is passionate about writing about nutrition and health because of the satisfaction and pride she gains from helping people improve their lives. She is an enthusiastic public health instructor for graduate and undergraduate courses, and is an academic advisor for graduate students. Her love for and expertise in education are evident in her writing.
She also loves writing about careers, education, technology, and marketing.
She is proud to be able to read and write in Spanish to be able to communicate with more people.
She is passionate about running, having been a four-year varsity athlete at an NCAA Division 1 school, and a competitive marathoner. She enjoys dancing, biking, swimming, and weight-lifting, spending time with family, cooking, learning French, reading, and listening to music.


Michigan State University, 2009

Natalie's graduate studies in nutrition emphasized obesity, energy balance and exercise physiology. She also researched the effects of diet and exercise on brain function. Her graduate experience included extensive work in biochemical laboratories, as well as with MRI. Coursework focused on chronic diseases, nutrients and the body, and community nutrition.

Michigan State University, 2010

Natalie became a Master of Public Health with a special interest in nutrition. She specialized in nutrition for children in child care centers in low-income areas of Los Angeles. Coursework included behavioral health, health systems and administration, environmental health, and epidemiology.

Michigan State University, 2005

Natalie completed her undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences at Michigan State University. Coursework included nutrition through the life cycle, community nutrition, and nutrition of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Michigan State University, 2005

Natalie specialized in food safety and food chemistry. Coursework also included food microbiology, food product development and marketing, grains, meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and packaging.


1,118 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Natalie has written articles on most health-related topics, including diets, fitness, traditional medicine, alternative and naturopathic and natural treatments, wellness, medical marijuana, and prevention and management of diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis and genetic diseases. She has also written about caregivers.


1,055 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

If you need a nutrition writer, Natalie can do the job! As a Master of Science (MS) in nutrition, she goes beyond the popular nutrition beliefs that are all over the internet to give her writing credibility. She has written articles and blog posts on almost every nutrition topic - and is eager to write about new ones, too! She's written about weight loss surgery diets; special diets for managing diabetes and high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; gluten-free diets; allergies; popular weight loss diets, including well-known brands, low-carbohydrate diets, fad diets, and balanced diets; relationships between nutrition and health; essential nutrient requirements and food sources; national recommendations for health and dietary intake; alternative eating patterns; vegetarian and vegan diets; nutritional information and analysis; diets for picky eaters, busy parents, and older adults. That's just a sampling!


416 Projects Completed

Natalie has been writing content for the medical industry for years. She has covered topics ranging from dentistry, radiology, and surgery to chronic disease management, health insurance, electronic health records (EHR) and HIPAA/HITECH compliance, medical devices and equipment, to medical treatments and cosmetic treatments. She has written web pages, blog posts, press releases, and informative articles for professionals and for the public.

Natalie's education, including a Master's of Public Health (MPH) and a Master's of Science (MS) in nutrition, has prepared her to write for the medical industry. Recently, she has written web content for weight loss surgeons, dentists, vein doctors, cardiologists, and cosmetic surgeons.


350 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Natalie writes about anything related to food, wine, coffee, and other beverages. Her work shines when it comes to recipes, recipe makeovers, time-saving tips, cooking on a budget, hassle-free cooking and entertaining, choosing seasonal food products, and nutritional considerations. She also writes for restaurants, other food service companies, and the rest of the food industry, with recent projects including web pages and blog posts for restaurants and information on restaurant inspections. Natalie draws upon her graduate degree in nutrition and undergraduate degree in food science to make her articles accurate, interesting, and helpful.


248 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Natalie is an expert in education, particularly in online learning, digital media and online high school courses and college and graduate school programs designed for adult learners and full-time employees. She has written hundreds of additional articles, web pages and blog posts on business schools, other graduate programs and high school and college education.
Recent writing topics include:
*SAT and other standardized test prep.
*degree and certificate programs.
*improving study habits.
*thriving in an online classroom.
*funding your education.

Natalie has taught at the undergraduate and graduate school level for years. She is also an academic advisor. Natalie holds a Professional Certificate in Online Education and has training in instructional design.


214 Projects Completed

Natalie can write about proper technique and equipment, injury prevention and treatment; alternative activities if you are injured; physical and psychological benefits of fitness; fitness, weight control, and healthy eating; cardiovascular and strength-training exercise; improving performance.


97 Projects Completed

A good marketing campaign is essential for success, and Natalie can help you increase your company's visibility and convert leads to sales. She has assisted numerous companies with parts of their marketing campaigns, including providing Facebook and other social media updates, blog posts, and website content. Her blog posts and articles can improve SEO to attract more consumers, and their quality content can convince leads to become clients.


67 Projects Completed

Natalie has written blog posts and articles on education, training and professional development, certification programs, resume development, the interview process, finding and choosing a job, and evaluating career path options. She is an academic advisor at a graduate school, and is very invested in career advancement.


47 Projects Completed

From the latest medical devices to web design to smartphone innovations, Natalie loves writing about technology.
A few recent examples include:
*a white paper on the oupatient applicable of a disposable negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system.
*a blog post on top Wordpress plugins.
*a press release on the launch of a new smartphone app for improving education.


34 Projects Completed

Natalie can write about techniques and training for team and individual sports and gameplay strategies for professional and collegiate sports. She is experienced in training for sports; preparation for competition; and personal experiences with competitive athletics.


23 Projects Completed

Natalie has written about prescription and over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, and herbal and botanical supplements and remedies. She has completed work for pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and compounding pharmacies, as well as for businesses that work with them. She can provide clients with objective and informative website materials and articles, and can write engaging blog posts that inform readers about pharmaceuticals.

Green Living

22 Projects Completed

For years, Natalie has been living and preaching about a green lifestyle. She is proud to bike instead of drive, eat an environmentally-friendly, plant-based diet, and save energy and water consciously. She can write tips and product descriptions for green living for consumers and more in-depth pieces based on the latest research on being environmentally friendly. Natalie can authoritatively cover these and other topics:
*recycling and reducing waste.
*alternative energy, such as solar and geothermal power.
*simple tips for green living.
*products that save energy.
*water-saving options.


21 Projects Completed

From being on the Science Bowl team in grade school to excelling at chemistry, physics, biology, and the applied sciences in college to working in labs with cells, animals, and people, Natalie has been interested in science nearly her whole life. Her science writing abilities are just as extensive, ranging from a peer-reviewed journal publication to technically detailed articles for subject experts to conversational blog posts that explain scientific concepts and news so that anyone can understand and become interested. She is able to access and explain scientific research from academic journals. She is therefore an ideal choice for any scientific writing need.


2,241 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Topics include health, marketing, nutrition, alternative health, education, online learning, diets, disease management, medications, medical and alternative therapies, technical expertise and advice articles. Regardless of the topic and whether you need a brief, 300-word article or an in-depth, 1,000-word article, Natalie will meet your needs!

Blog Post

622 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Natalie can write compelling blog posts that attract readers and convince them to visit your website. She can write on topics that you select, or is happy to suggest ideas for relevant and interesting topics. She has written blog posts on topics including nutrition, the food industry, marketing, technology, health, medical technology, green living, and many more.

Web Page

604 Projects Completed

Often, potential customers form their first impressions of you based on your web site. A sloppy web site makes visitors doubt that you are an expert in your field, while a site with well-written pages is often enough to convince visitors that you are indeed the best choice. From an "About" page that describes your business to content pages that describe your products and services, Natalie is ready to provide you with quality web pages that let visitors know that you are a pro. Of course, her SEO expertise also shines through in her work.

Email Copy

204 Projects Completed

An effective email is about far more than just its content. With hundreds of paid emails under her belt, Natalie knows that the tone of the email is as critical as its content. For years, Natalie's clients have been pleased with her emails to their customers and colleagues for marketing and networking purposes. She has written emails to customers, physicians, and C-suite business people, just to name a few.

Press Release

61 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

For those times when you need to generate publicity for your company, Natalie will write you a press release that lets everyone know the significance of your announcement. A good press release displays excellent SEO and has a fine balance of information and marketing. Since time can be of the essence when you have an announcement to make, Natalie can write your press releases as quickly as you need them.

White Paper

19 Projects Completed

A good white paper provides valuable information and ultimately convinces readers that your product is necessary. Natalie knows how to set up a white paper for maximum effectiveness. She will do the required, in-depth research that establishes your business as an expert in the field. She has written white papers related to technology, the food industry, and sales techniques.

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