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Melissa C. is a busy, determined self-starter who has worked diligently as a full-time professional freelance writer for writing brokerages and private clients for more than a decade.

With a full workload through the end of November 2019, Melissa is primarily accepting orders from existing clients. However, she would also be happy to discuss possible availability on a one-on-one basis with prospective new clients if you believe she can help, so please feel free to message her if you would like to discuss your needs.

Contact Melissa today to learn how she can help your business continue to flourish and stand out from the crowd with premier content.
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Melissa frequently takes on projects that include brochures, blog posts, articles, press releases, marketing copy, features for newsletter writing, training guides and manuals, and profiles and biographical sketches.

Some topic areas that Melissa frequently tackles include:

Data Protection
Enterprise Risk Management
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)
CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act)
Auditing and Assessments
Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
Human Resources and Applicant Tracking
Career Planning and Changes
Staffing and Recruiting Solutions
Workplace Safety Training and OSHA Compliance


Melissa is an avid reader, a passionate researcher and a voracious music lover. She loves to stir up her creativity with a good bike ride, swim, jog or yoga session.


The Ohio State University

Melissa studied English at the Ohio State University, focusing on early 20th century literature. She love the works of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and William Faulkner. She honed her writing skills with the help of her liberal arts education.

Real Estate

465 Projects Completed

A frequent HGTV viewer and fascinated fan of the real estate business, Melissa combines straightforward copy about the property along with a dash of fantasy-fueled flights of fancy, offering rich detail for those searching for a new home or apartment. Melissa also enjoys writing about the nuts and bolts of real estate, often focusing on how to find a real estate agent or providing a biography for a professional realtor looking for more exposure to gain a larger client roster.

Melissa regularly writes about topics that feature detailed descriptions of properties and neighborhood attractions. She also often focuses on guides to help homeowners/home sellers get through their task more easily, providing tips about finding and working with real estate agents, preparing their property and more.


343 Projects Completed

Melissa enjoys writing about health and wellness to help others learn the value of living a healthy lifestyle to ensure overall well-being. She has written on topics such as nutrition, various diseases and conditions.

Whether Melissa is writing a piece merely to inform about a particular condition or she is writing a piece to help someone find the right course in treatment, she thoroughly researches these pieces to ensure accurate information for readers.


324 Projects Completed

Melissa cherishes the writing opportunities she has had in the technology industry over the years. Starting her technology writing career in lighter topics that included smartphone and tablet descriptions or the top apps for students, but she began to dig deeper into this exciting field, accepting increasingly challenging assignments that further sharpened her research skills.

These days Melissa frequently writes about cloud technology, mobile device management, data protection, and servers and storage. Her favorite pieces include a white paper on MDM and several long-form blog posts about topics like the GLBA, internal audits, HITRUST CSF, audits for cloud service providers, peer-to-peer payement systems, the General Data Protection Regulation and penetration tests.


216 Projects Completed

Melissa frequently writes about office relations and human resources issues. She has a strong grasp of this topic and can easily share her insights with clients and their readers. Most recently, Melissa has enjoyed working on a white paper discussing the benefits of flexible offices.


212 Projects Completed

With online courses, smartphones and other technology, the face of education changes all the time, and Melissa is eager to keep educators, students and potential students abreast of these changes. Specific types of subjects that Melissa excels at in education writing include classroom and technology, flipped classrooms, professional development for educators, SMART goals and online learning.


193 Projects Completed

Melissa often takes the opportunity to write about staffing and human resources topics. Having compiled payroll and a human resources glossaries for a human resources software company, as well many topics on team strengthening and morale for different clients, Melissa approaches this subject matter with concern for positive staffing development.

Melissa frequently explores topics surrounding payroll matters, new hire considerations, HR software solutions, engaging employees through morale boosting activities and employee performance assessments.


124 Projects Completed

The days of staying with a company from college through retirement seem to be a thing of the past. Melissa understands that career changes are modern day standard operating procedure and that the prospect should be met with excitement rather than dread.

People's lives change over time, and it is reasonable to want one's career to reflect and grow along with these changes.

Making the transition can be complicated. Melissa wants to offer information to make this life change easier and more exciting for readers.

Typical topics that Melissa tackles include ways to increase marketability, finding the right time to make career changes, education need to make the leap, recareering and how higher education is rising to meet the needs involved, and ideas about receiving promotions.


112 Projects Completed

Melissa writes detailed descriptions of exciting travel destinations for her clients. Whether following current travel trends or classic destinations, Melissa helps clients inform customers about everything from accommodations to local cuisine and entertainment.


87 Projects Completed

Melissa relishes writing about the lighter side of life when she has the chance to work on entertainment content about music, films or sitcoms.


59 Projects Completed

As a lifelong food lover and self-taught cook--with a little help from Google's search engine and the Internet, at large--Melissa loves experimenting in the kitchen. And yes, she does consider most of her machinations completely edible and, to her palate, quite delicious. Melissa has been a dedicated vegetarian for more than 10 years and feels that her food choices yield so many options that she never feels a recipe suffers from not incorporating animal protein.
Through the joys of seasoning, tofu and cheese--hence the unfortunate end of her 3-year status as vegan--Melissa finds plenty of foods to fulfill her tastes and fill her nutritional requirements daily.


55 Projects Completed

Melissa believes eating a balanced diet full of nutritious foods is critical to a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys sharing information about finding nutritious foods for daily living as well as trying to find foods that help combat certain conditions.


53 Projects Completed

Outdoor and recreation activities are a passion for Melissa who loves to be outdoors and share ideas with others to do the same. There is a wide world of fun for everyone with nearly endless variety.


24 Projects Completed

Outdoors and family-related activities can be easily found with the help of Melissa's pieces describing zoo adventures, science museum excursions, along with other family fun adventures.


17 Projects Completed

As someone who values fitness and a healthy lifestyle, writing health and fitness articles has been a perfect fit for Melissa. She loves sharing a variety of exercises and approaches to help readers experience the sense of adventure that a fitness-oriented lifestyle can bring.


15 Projects Completed

Melissa wrote for a music magazine called Moo in the late 1990s, writing music reviews for national and international artists' music releases. She also wrote reviews of live performances, conducted interviews with musicians and wrote feature articles on them. She has also written a few pieces for outlets. One piece appeared in Spinner and another appeared in The Boot.

As a college student, Melissa pursued and won an internship with the independent record label and distributor Caroline Records in New York City. She worked in the marketing and promotions departments, helping write copy for the weekly distribution flier that went out to music buyers across the U.S. Melissa also prepared press pages to send out to various media outlets as part of her responsibilities in the promotions department.

Green Living

9 Projects Completed

Melissa has always sought out opportunities to write about green living and share the green lifestyle with others.

Blog Post

2,556 Projects Completed

Melissa has written blog posts to meet a blog page's niche or special attention to a given subject. She writes blog posts on subjects such as solar panels, oriental rugs, entertainment, bird feeders, mobile applications, tattoo removal and more.

Melissa reads the blog to find the voice and tone to ensure that her work's approach melds seamlessly with other writer's posts.


1,003 Projects Completed

Melissa finds it exciting to help inform readers about a large variety of topics, which include ways to heal from injuries, vegan and vegetarian menu choices, running form, swimming efficiency, human resources issues, staff morale and so much more.

With a dash of research and a smidge of personal insights, Melissa is always up for writing an article with the hopes of adding value to their lives.

Product Description

122 Projects Completed

Melissa quickly gets to the essence of a product's essential benefits when she tackles a product description. Giving customers an insider's view of a product they want helps the distributor and the retailer.

Press Release

37 Projects Completed

Melissa enjoys the journalistic quality of writing press releases. She writes according to her clients' specifications and works with PR Web's or PR Newswire's respective formats, respectively.

Newsletter Content

25 Projects Completed

Melissa produced the newsletter for her local YMCA. She, along with the executive director, generated story ideas then pursued interviews with fellow members and staff. Melissa also took the photographs associated with the stories. Once she gathered the information and photographs, she wrote the stories then used Microsoft Publisher to design the layout.

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