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Charlotte's a self-motivated writer who enjoys using her life experiences, and doing research on new topics, to write copy that help clients grow their businesses. She's written SEO articles, press releases, web copy, product descriptions, reviews, blog posts, social media updates, done rewrites of previously written articles and ghost written ebooks.
She 's written on a wide variety of topics including Forex trading, insurance, parenting, education, health, fitness, real estate, financial services, frugality, travel, culture, marriage and relationships.
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Charlotte writes what her customers want and isn't satisfied until they are. She enjoys writing blog posts, article rewrites, SEO articles and product descriptions. She's always up for adding to her skill sets, learning about new industries and topics, and completing challenging work.


When there's time left after taking care of her husband and children, Charlotte enjoys spending her time teaching English as a Second Language to native Chinese speakers, learning Chinese, knitting, cooking, sewing, reading books and blogs that further her knowledge, running and traveling.


Martin Luther College

Charlotte is a state certified elementary school teacher with experience teaching at all levels from kindergarden through high school. She specialized in history, but has taught all subjects in elementary school and multi-grade classrooms.


1,095 Projects Completed

Charlotte specializes in writing on life insurance and it's necessity in everyone's long-term financial plan. She also writes on car, homeowners, rental, commecial and umbrella insurance and ways in which people can lower their insurance rates by shopping around, finding discounts and how to compare quotes from insurance companies.


890 Projects Completed

Charlotte's written extensively in the area of finance and brings real life experiece to her writing having been in debt and getting out of it by working hard and cutting back on her lifestyle. Her work has appeared on Capital One's We the Savers blog, their Savvy Spender newsletter, The Penny Hoarder blog and Incomes Abroad magazine. She's an avid reader of material written about personal finance. She has written articles on the topics of rewards credit cards, budgeting, debt reduction, banking services, student loans, title loans, SBA loans, cash advances, foreign exchange trading, penny stocks, mutual funds and retirement investing.


420 Projects Completed

Are you a lawyer looking to start a website for your firm, do you want to send out press releases to get publicity and drive traffic to your website or are you just looking to get your site to rank higher in the search engines? Charlotte has written website content, blog posts and press releases for lawyers and law firms all over the country. From adoption law to truck accident lawyers, she's covered most areas of legal expertise.


302 Projects Completed

A busy work at home mom of two, Charlotte really loves writing projects where she can pull from the knowledge that she's gained thus far in her motherhood experience. She has contributed to nationally recognized blogs on the topics of infant potty training, bilingualism, education and children's nutrition. She's written step-by-step blog posts of family friendly activities for My Kids' Adventures. Charlotte has also written on international travel with children and inter-racial marriage.


249 Projects Completed

Charlotte has written on the health benefits of various foods and herbs; the importance of vitamins and getting enough of them through supplements and food; weight loss through diet and exercise; allergies and inflamation; how food additives result in behavior problems in children; and popular diets including Paleo eating, low-sugar diets and gluten free diets.


182 Projects Completed

From writing about crime and things to do in cities across the USA to crafting product descriptions and writing reviews of products that she's really used or rewriting and updating existing copy, Charlotte is capable of tackling a variety of projects that fit in the obscure "other" category.


136 Projects Completed

Charlotte's written on homeschooling, traditional education, foreign education, the educational aspects of certain cartoons, college admissions, and foreign language acquisition by both children and adults. She's attended both public and home schools, has a degree in elementary education and state certification. She's spent seven years teaching ESL and homeschools her bilingual kids, so she brings real life knowledge to her writing in the area of education.


121 Projects Completed

From advice to actionable tips for small to large business owners, Charlotte has written dozens of blog posts on marketing ideas and best practices.


84 Projects Completed

A self-professed personal finance geek, Charlotte enjoys reading, and writing, on anything related to the banking industry. From writing blog posts for banks informing readers on how they can keep their credit score in tip-top shape to how parents can help their kids manage money, Charlotte has written widey on a variety of banking topics including mortgages, auto and student loans, CDs, checking and savings accounts and other investments.


79 Projects Completed

Charlotte focuses on writing about foreign travel, traveling with young children and traveling frugally by earning frequent flier miles. Her work has appeared in International Living and Incomes Abroad magazines. She has extensive experience in traveling internationally, with toddlers, and in the Chinese mainland. She's written many articles on scenic places in China, Europe and the United States.


63 Projects Completed

An avivd reader of Forbes, INC and Fortune, Charlotte takes her knowledge of business and translates it into actionable copy that readers will enjoy. Though she doesn't have an MBA, Charlotte reads widely--and listens to biz-related podcasts--to keep up-to-date on the latest news in the industry.


28 Projects Completed

Charlotte has written reviews on workout routines, tips for achieving fitness goals, how to develop a fitness routine, fitness for children and the importance of fitness in marriage. She brings real life experience to her writing as she has used various forms of exercise, along with diet, to lose weight and keep it off for over two years.


28 Projects Completed

People really are what they eat, and Charlotte enjoys researching and writing about nutrition and the impact that eating well will do for one's body. She has written several articles on the health benefits of foods such as lemons, olive oil, spinach and dill. An avid proponent on eating as clean as possible, Charlotte has also written articles on how to eat well during pregnancy, while breast feeding and raising kids who will choose nutritious foods over junk food.


25 Projects Completed

Ever since her first sewing project at age seven, plastic canvas at eight, crocheting at nine and knitting at twelve, Charlotte as been in love with all of the fiber arts. She loves spening a day sewing new clothes for her kids or knitting her hubby a new sweater, but when she gets to combine writing and crafting? It's like getting new issue of Interweave Knits in the mailbox! In addition to the above crafts, Charlotte's tried her hand at stenciling, quilling, scrapbooking, cross-stitch, quilting, latch hook and more.

Blog Post

955 Projects Completed

Charlotte has done blog posts for clients and blog owners from a range of niches including fundraising, frugality, fitness, finance, nutrition and travel. Typically blog posts range from 300-600 words which take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour to write, depending on the amount of research and sources that the client requires.


740 Projects Completed

Most of Charlotte's writing has been comprised of articles posts that range in length from 300-1000 words. Clients typically use these for their website and newsletter content. Many of the articles have been optimized for SEO or to point readers to products for which the client is an affiliate or selling directly.

Web Page

535 Projects Completed

From a single "About Us" page to a whole series of web pages that will make up your site, Charlotte is eager to get working on your project. She's written web copy for small businesses, tour companies, music companies, health and wellness sites and more.

Product Description

109 Projects Completed

A love of shopping and a short stint in retail allows Charlotte to create enticing, accurate and detailed descriptions of all sorts of products. From baby headbands to kitchen utensils and furniture to apartment descriptions, Charlotte's completed more than a hundred product descriptions for small and large businesses.

Press Release

82 Projects Completed

From brick-and-mortar antique and bagel shops to online hair bow botiques and investment firms, Charlotte has written dozens of press releases to help businesses attract media and consumer attention. She pays close attention to detail, making them informative rather than promotional, so that they will be accepted by online press release directories.

Facebook Post

56 Projects Completed

Short, sweet and intriguing; that's what Facebook posts are all about. Whether you need them on their own, to get more visitors to your blog or website, or need them to go along with an article that you need written, Charotte is more than happy to create one, or a series, of Facebook posts that will gain your website more visitors.

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