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Jessica is an experienced freelance writer who helps customers develop high quality content for their websites, blogs, and marketing materials. She is certified in inbound marketing and has a background in psychology. She uses her expertise to help customers carefully craft pieces that reach their target buyer personas. This allows them to to drive traffic to their websites and convert their visitors into leads and their leads into customers.

Jessica has extensive experience working with keywords and on-page search engine optimization. This helps improve her clients' sites visibility for search engines and for their prospective customers. She has a proven track record of helping clients develop their content and accomplish the results they seek.

Jessica has also written for a number of sites under her own name, including Social Media Sun and
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Jessica specializes in developing content that helps businesses reach their target audiences. She has years of experience developing blog posts, articles, website content, and marketing materials to help customers artfully communicate their value to potential customers and position themselves as educators and leaders in their fields.


Jessica enjoys spending time with her family and taking advantage of all that local Washington, D.C. has to offer. She thinks there is nothing better than sitting the backyard, watching the kids run around, while enjoying some hot off-the-grill food. Jessica enjoys studying languages, nutrition, child development, and history in her spare time.


The Catholic University of America

Jessica studied psychology for an undergraduate degree, along with a minor in French, which she was able to complete a year in advance thanks to outstanding AP scores in a variety of subjects and a study abroad opportunity for a summer. Understanding psychology helps considerably when writing about marketing and other areas that require understanding how to appeal to people and how the audience thinks.


634 Projects Completed

Jessica has a personal dedication to health, which includes learning about the latest research on nutrition and the trends in the industry. Her interest has taken a much more significant turn since she has had children, and she continually works to ensure that she provides nutritional meals for her family.

Jessica's interest in the topic has led her to pursue higher education classes in nutrition and cooking as time permits. She has taken online classes through Stanford University in cooking for families, nutrition, and childhood health, which has helped her improve her skills and breadth of knowledge for her clients.


555 Projects Completed

Over the course of her freelancing career, Jessica has continued to develop her marketing knowledge and experience. She received her start working as a ghost writer for a LinkedIn corporate training company and through that experience was introduced to SEO best practices, the power of social media, and building helpful websites. She made the knowledge her own and went on to publish pieces under her own name on sites such as Social Media Sun. She has also written countless articles for customers across a wide spectrum of industries. Her writing skills enable her to carefully craft pieces that speak to the target buyer personas and help her customers generate more site visitors and more leads.

In September 2014 she completed Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Certification Course and passed the examination. This course covered best practices in blogging, landing pages, developing buyer personas, email, and more. This course has furthered the skills and knowledge she has to offer her customers as they seek to build their own sites.


458 Projects Completed

Education has always had a very high place in Jessica's life. She comes from a family of teachers, who have instilled in her a love for learning and an understanding of the importance of a high quality education. She has continued in their legacy as a tutor for several different age groups throughout elementary school and middle school. She has also worked as a substitute teacher in preschool and middle school classrooms and as a school counselor in a school for low income special needs students. Jessica has also led classrooms herself as a teacher for her local CCD program.

On a personal front, Jessica has also done considerable research on classical education and has begun successfully homeschooling her children according to this methodology.

For clients on WriterAccess she has written about a wide range of educational topics, including topics related to trade schools, job outlooks, education requirements, advanced education options, and more.

Home Living

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Jessica has written about ways to spruce up homes and help rooms look like new without breaking the bank. She spoke about ways to add some color, repair flooring, and breath new life into tired furniture. On WriterAccess she has done several articles related to Oriental and Persian rugs, 'green' decorating, organizing small spaces, and related topics.


74 Projects Completed

Jessica has spent a considerable amount of time helping friends and family members develop resumes and cover letters. She enjoys learning about the latest trends in the employment industry, including what employers look for in cover letters, tips for job seekers, and how to write an effective resume.

As a psychology major in school, she also studied industrial - organizational psychology, which is the study of how businesses and companies work together. The classes covered topics such as employee motivation, how groups excel, and effective leadership.


72 Projects Completed

Jessica's knowledge and experience with children stretches back well into her own childhood. In high school she took several years of child development courses, which included working in the child development lab preschool. In college, as part of her major in psychology, she took several classes in child psychology as well as more classes on child development. She spent time working in a local preschool, working as a nanny, tutoring inner city children, and working in a special needs school as a counselor. These various jobs and experiences introduced her to every stage of childhood, from infancy through high school.

On a personal level, Jessica has a husband and two daughters of her own, which has given her first hand experience and knowledge of childbirth, breastfeeding (including extended breastfeeding), adjusting to parenthood, and early childhood education. This also includes the various stages and milestones associated with early childhood, such as introducing solids, introducing one child to siblings, and handling two children under two.


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Jessica has written on Yahoo! Voices about tips for maintaining a healthy and low budget kitchen. In the article she discussed cooking tips for avoiding processed food and avoiding salt while also speaking about the importance of a varied diet and trying new vegetables. She has also written about feeding children of all ages, from infants and breastfeeding to finding healthful meals for school age children on a budget.


54 Projects Completed

Jessica has been an active athlete from early childhood. She was a competitive swimmer for over a decade, which culminated in her leading her high school swim team for four years. She also served as team captain and competed in the prestigious Meet of Champions. Jessica also served as an assistant coach during her years on the high school team and taught swim lessons. As a part of her swimming training, she also gained experience with weight lifting and dryland training.

Jessica also enjoys playing a range of other sports, including soccer, softball, and basketball, which she has played on teams with varying degrees of competitiveness over the years.
Since finishing school, Jessica continues to remain active in fitness through jogging, biking, hiking, and other forms of physical activity.

Green Living

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Since taking an Advanced Placement Environmental Science course in high school, Jessica has been very interested in green living and the latest in green technology. She believes that people have a responsibility to protect the environment as much as possible for future generations. She and her family carefully monitor their diets to avoid artificial ingredients whenever possible and strive to live 'green' while also remaining affordable. This has included having their own garden for several years, which produces a variety of different types of vegetables for their family table.

On WriterAccess Jessica has written numerous green living articles about topics including green gardening, increasing the energy efficiency of a home, and green technology.


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Jessica has been very active in sports from her early childhood. She has played softball, basketball, danced, and has been a competitive swimmer. Swimming dominated her life throughout most of her school career, which has given her insight both into the world of competitive high school sports as well as the sport of swimming itself.

In college, Jessica studied psychology, which included learning about sports psychology. The class opened her eyes to topics related to sports performance, motivation, and team communication.


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Jessica has worked for over two years in an office that deals exclusively with interreligious relationships, and has written for with requests for follow up articles. Academically, she has taken university courses on Christian theology and early Christianity, as well as philosophy that encompassed Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Kant, Hobbes, Locke, and more.

Blog Post

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Jessica maintains five different blogs as the ghost writter for a social media training company where she writes on various topics concerning social media use for individuals and companies. She also maintains a personal blog about news and issues in social media.


835 Projects Completed

Jessica has witten two articles about LinkedIn tips for Social Media Sun, four articles on Yahoo! Voices concerning a variety of topics, and an article on religion for

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