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Cara has years of experience as a writer and editor. She is an expert in many fields, including music, entertainment, film and television, education, early childhood, food, crafts, sewing and science. She has written many how-to and informational articles on these subjects, and she would love to continue sharing my expertise with others. She has a degree in Creative Writing, and in addition to writing articles for online publications, she loves to write children's novels, poetry and stories. She also has vast experience as an editor and have edited essays, dissertations, theses, novels and poems. She has experience with many style manuals.


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Cara writes blogs for a variety of outlets, including SpecialNeeds.com and Examiner.

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  • Science50+
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Music is Cara's major area of expertise, and she has been studying and writing music since the age of seven. Cara can play many instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, voice, accordion, ukulele, violin and others. Cara also has advanced knowledge of theory, composition and performance practice.


Cara has been teaching for several years, and she has experience working in many educational fields, including music, art, dance, writing, English and science.


Cara has been sewing her own clothes for several years, and she has experience with pattern-making and similar crafts. She also teaches art classes for children and has expertise with crafts for all ages.


Growing up in a family of scientists, Cara picked up a great deal of experience and information. Cara worked as a chemistry lab assistant for a period of time, and she has taught children about science and experiments.


Cara works in the music and entertainment industry, and she has been a professional musician for several years.


Most of Cara's expertise outside of work deals with various hobbies. She has experience and knowledge of areas such as birdwatching, sewing, quilting, instrument-making and music.

Product Projects

  • Article100+
  • Blog Post50+

Summary of Product Experience


Cara has written several how-to and informational articles in a variety of subject areas, such as science, grammar, English, music, art, crafts and education.

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Cara writes blogs for a variety of outlets, including SpecialNeeds.com and Examiner.

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