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Since 2006 Nicole has been crafting quality writing products for clients from around the world. As a former teacher, she is passionate about both research and grammar, giving her clients quality they demand in today's online marketing world. Nicole's clients request general web articles, optimized website content, blog posts, press releases, ebooks, print documents and social media products.
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Nicole specializes in blog posts, optimized articles, website content and press releases. She is passionate about using social media outlets to promote her work and the work of her clients.


Nicole loves to write about and research travel related topics. As a former math and English teacher, she has a passion for education. Other areas of interest include personal finance, real estate, parenting, pets, legal and banking. She is also married to a certified auto/diesel mechanic, which gives her unique insight into the automotive and fleet industries.


Maranatha Baptist University

In the five years she spent at college, Nicole earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education with a minor in history education. This provided numerous opportunities to write at a college level. Upon graduation she was certified to teach grades 1 through 9.


1,426 Projects Completed

With health articles published on major websites, including, Nicole's health writing abilities are excellent. She has strong research skills and knows how to delve into the most authoritative sources to gain the knowledge necessary to craft articles for this niche.

Real Estate

1,335 Projects Completed

Nicole writes optimized web pages for realtors specifically targeting the luxury home market. To craft these pieces, she uses the MLS and mapping tools to learn about the area where properties were located. She is creative in incorporating search terms in a natural fashion. She has also written about the mortgage industry extensively for private clients.


832 Projects Completed

Nicole regularly writes website content for lawyers in all fields, pointing clients to choose their services. She also writes blog posts for lawyers to help them showcase their skills without giving legal advice.


767 Projects Completed

Nicole's strong research skills allow her to write on almost anything, from automotive topics to personal interest pieces.


712 Projects Completed

Nicole began her freelancing career writing on education, including lesson plans and generic articles relating to education topics. As a licensed teacher, this topic is one in which she has extensive training.


519 Projects Completed

Nicole has written automotive content for a variety of clients, including car reviews, fleet management articles and vehicle repair. Being married to an auto mechanic gives her a resource to tap for these articles.


193 Projects Completed

Nicole's travel writing is currently online at USAToday Travel Tips, where a few of her articles were featured on the front page. Her goal for travel articles is to give a detailed point of view about the destination, highlighting those things people may not naturally find in their searches about a location.


187 Projects Completed

As a regular ghostwriter for a prominent pet travel website, Nicole understands how to research issues pertinent to pet owners in regards to pet health and well-being.


165 Projects Completed

As a parent and former teacher, Nicole has personal experience in the kids/family genre. She's written on it extensively, with posts on everything from mommy blogs to high-ranking educational websites. She brings an understanding of the needs of this audience and an educator's perspective to these articles.

Search Marketing

137 Projects Completed

Nicole has written extensively for a number of search engine optimization firms. She has seen the impact of changes in the search marketing world and understands how to help people make the most of their SEO efforts. She has an engaging voice that makes sometimes bland and technical topics interesting for the reader.


120 Projects Completed

Nicole writes weekly articles about the banking industry for a private client. These require a current events approach and a focus on SEO. She also writes on personal banking for a variety of private clients.

Blog Post

3,561 Projects Completed

Blog posts contain a less formal tone than articles and website content. Nicole has been responsible for weekly updates to blogs about single parenting, Sunday school lesson plans and personal finance topics, and regularly writes blog posts for plastic surgeons.

Web Page

2,567 Projects Completed

Through work with both private clients and agencies, Nicole has written hundreds of web pages for businesses in many different niches. From real estate agents to SEO firms to lawyers, she has handled the development of pages for websites of all types. She knows how to reach a particular business's target audience with compelling, informative and engaging copy that is optimized and effective.


1,229 Projects Completed

Optimized articles are Nicole's specialty. She has learned to incorporate keyword strings into articles so that they remain interesting and flow freely, yet still appeal to the search engines. Nicole writes between 20 and 40 articles per week on average.

Press Release

432 Projects Completed

Nicole writes press releases on a weekly basis, handling several per week for a wide range of clients, including doctors, lawyers and web designers, among others. Press releases are written to make the client's event sound particularly newsworthy, and always contain a link to the client's website. The goal is to excite the reader about the potential new product, company or service through the wording of the release.

Product Description

269 Projects Completed

Nicole has written hundreds of product descriptions for nationally-known retailers and ecommerce shops. She knows how to craft engaging, to-the-point descriptions for a wide range of product types that will generate interest in the product while helping with optimization efforts. Her writing helps products shine and encourages readers to buy.


103 Projects Completed

Nicole has written hundreds of product descriptions for catalogs, both online and off-line, including everything from major retailers to boutique shops. Her compelling copy makes products sound appealing and encourages the reader to make a purchase.


57 Projects Completed

With experience in both print and e-books, Nicole understands how to write longer documents that keep the reader engaged from start to finish. She's completed multiple ebooks on topics ranging from self-help to health and wellness. Her strong research abilities are an asset to this type of project.

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